Disclaimer: This is an archived page from the old site. The humor here is stuff I made when I was young, back in the early 2000s. My adolescent sense of humor was weird. Lol. It's sexual. It makes no sense. It's full of lesbians for no apparent reason. And throws in now-outdated jokes that were popular at the time such as the Monica Lewinsky scandal with President Clinton. I suppose I would say my humor was close to that of South Park. Well, you have been warned. Enter these old crazy pages at your own risk!

Shining Force Comic This is my 7-page Shining Force comic. It's a re-telling of the beginning of the game. The beginning is a fight between the storytellers from Shining Force 1+2 and Shining in the Darkness. Then the story follows Max as he discovers his quest to save the world. Darksol is mistaken for a cute bunny because of his long horns. The Bleu Shrine If you thought the comic was weird, wait until you see the stuff I have here! The Bleu Shrine features two short Flash cartoons and my original Bleu Shrine made in the late 90s. The first Flash cartoon talks about why Bleu is awesome. The second Flash cartoon is a wacky story about Bleu's lesbian sister. All the old Flash has been converted to HTML5 and MP4 video. The Shining Force Movie This is my special little mock website pretending there was a theatrical Shining Force movie. It begins with a Flash intro (because every site in the 2000s had a Flash intro). Then I present a (horribly Photoshopped) movie poster, pages where I chose the most appropriate actor for each Shining Force character, and a page with lyrics to the movie's soundtrack. This section shows its age because it features actors who were mainstream so long ago.