Game Saves

Game saves? What are those?

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Shining Force: Final Conflict? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Whatever the case may be, these save states are here to save the day! With them, you can continue at any major point in Final Conflict.

Kega Fusion & MekaW

Save state files are proprietary and only work with the emulator it came from. On this page, I offer save states only for Kega Fusion (Windows) and MekaW (Windows). These game saves will not work on any other video game emulator.

Need to download these emulators? My emulators page offers a download for Kega Fusion. To download MekaW, you can grab it from its homepage.

Kega Fusion Directions

Each Kega Fusion game save comes with two save state files: a save at the beginning of the battle and a save right after the boss is defeated. To use them:

  1. Download the Kega Fusion save file of the battle you want to continue at.
  2. Extract the two “SGX” save state files from the zip file. Place them wherever you want; as long as it is a common location you'll remember.
  3. Open Kega Fusion and run Final Conflict. Go to the File menu and click Load State As - as shown here .
  4. Navigate to the folder where the “SGX” save states are located. Select the save state you want to use and load it. That's it!

MekaW Directions

The MekaW game saves comes with a save state file at the beginning of the given battle. To use it:

  1. Download the MekaW save state for the battle you want to start at.
  2. Extract the “S00” file from the zip file. Place it in MekaW's Saves folder - which is located here .
  3. The S00 save state and your ROM need to have the same filename. For example, if your game is called “Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict (English)”, the save state would need to be named as “Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict (English).S00” and the ROM needs to be named as “Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict (English).zip”.
  4. Finally, open MekaW and run Final Conflict. Go to the GAME menu and click LOAD STATE. That's it!

The Save States

Note: I'm still working on collecting the Kega Fusion save states. That's why only some are available.

Battle 2

The village is being invaded! Ian has joined the team to help you save it.

Kega Fusion 40.7 KB

Battle 3

The old guy has just been kidnapped. Exit the town to fight the third battle.

Kega Fusion 42.8 KB
MekaW 32.7 KB

Battle 4

Exit the town to fight the bridge battle against the infamous Kraken.

Kega Fusion 41.8 KB
MekaW 32 KB

Battle 5

The battle in the bandit cave.

MekaW 32.1 KB

Battle 6

The battle on Volcannon's mountain.

MekaW 32.6 KB

Battle 7

The begins chapter 2. This is the battle in the cave that Volcannon told you to go through.

MekaW 33 KB

Battle 8

The battle at Pacalon, the city of centaurs.

MekaW 30.8 KB

Battle 9

After the battle in Pacalon. The blue birdman and female centaur just joined.

MekaW 33.6 KB

Battle 10

The town of Moun has been invaded - save it!

MekaW 32.9 KB

Battle 11

The boss battle against the major henchman, Magus!

MekaW 33.5 KB

Battle 12

The beginning of Chapter 3. The super cute Wizardess Minto just joined. This is the battle at the waterfall where the monks are.

MekaW 33.6 KB

Battle 14

The battle outside Eiko's fortress. Everyone is promoted.

MekaW 33.7 KB

Battle 15

The battle inside of Eiko's fortress to battle against Eiko.

MekaW 30.8 KB

Battle 16

The desert battle against Meshiela.

MekaW 30.8 KB

Battle 17

The field battle against Lynx.

MekaW 34.4 KB

Battle 18

The field battle against Lynx.

MekaW 34 KB

Battle 19

The battle right outside the tower with the sexy ords.

MekaW 34.9 KB

Battle 20

The battle in front of the tower against Max.

MekaW 35.7 KB

Battle 21

The final battle against Mishaela. I did several practice battles and leveled everyone up pretty high. There's still one more battle after this one.

MekaW 35.7 KB
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