The Knight Chapter


Heh, so you found the secret section. This secret section is dedicated to the secret chapter which you gain the opportunity to play once you finish all seven chapters. And this chapter is... (dies) this chapter!!!... >_< ...IT RULZ!!1! It came at a complete surprise to me, and boy what a pleasant surprise it was. I mean, c'mon, a knight chapter! And... you start your quest with a WIZARD in your battle party! x_x (falls over with an obsessive laugh) And then a healer and a kick ass knight eventually join up with you! It also retains the traditional fantasy RPG theme by having random battles! Yes, this chapter is a dream come true. The only sucky part is that it's as short as all the other chapters. It's just two quests and it's over. At least the chapter after this one (which is the final chapter) is sort of a "Knight Chapter: Part 2", because Squaresoft wouldn't leave you hanging after experiencing the Knight Chapter's totally unexpected, shocking ending. I was like "tralala strolling through the final dungeon... expecting all the typical stuff from a Live-A-Live final stage... huh? what's he doing there... WOAH! ...AHH! ...NOOOO!!!!! ...bah God dammit!" Anyway, the link to my little page about The Final Chapter is on the bottom of this page. Expect major spoilers, though; as if this page wasn't spoiling enough, heh.

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