Ah, The Final Chapter. What chaos is behind this chapter?! How is it that all of the Live-A-Live characters are involved?! Well, not all of them. The characters shown above are all of the possible characters that can be used. The Final Chapter begins with the character selection screen. You need to choose one of the eight main Live-A-Live characters (excluding Mulan & fatty of course). You start the final chapter alone and you gotta search for your party members. Obtaining the three other members depends on which character you main chose. You're not told which characters are assigned to you so you'll stumble upon other main characters and get rejection. For example, I chose the ninja and I was able to recruit the psychic, the wrestler, and the kung fu guy. The final chapter is made up of a bunch of mini-dungeons with a boss at the end. Most of them are full of strong equipment and various useful items. There are several possible endings so keep track of your actions!

Notice I left out the knight? He doesn't apply to the dungeon thing and recruiting characters. If you choose him, then you'll get a totally different outcome in the final chapter. Basically, he goes nuts and screws up the balance of the Live-A-Live universe. ^_^;; It's very short so it wouldn't hurt to choose him first, then replay with another character (if you saved your game before-hand).


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