The World Map (16.9 KB)
Here is a map of the world of Dual Orb 2, which is pretty useless since finding out what to do next is so easy. Just download the map anyway, so I can feel special. ^^;

Bargan's Barrels (24.4 KB)
Shows you exactly how to solve Bargan's barrel puzzle one step at a time.

Bargan's Barrels (16.3 KB)
A GIF animation showing you how to solve Bargan's barrel puzzle.

Cave to the
Gurika Tribe

(113 KB)
This is the most mazey area of Dual Orb 2. I know, its such an easy cave. I don't know what in the 9 hells possessed me to make a map for it. I suppose it was just one of those lonely Friday nights.


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