Playable Characters

Aleth Paladin

Aleth was found by the high priest of Garade during one journey to the castle. He was given the honor to be the next high priest when Lagnus is king of Garade. The main story begins with Aleth and Lagnus growing up together and becoming best friends. One day, a dramatic event occurs that pulls them into a grand adventure.

Being that Aleth is raised by the current high priest of Garade, he is gifted with holy magic. In addition to Lagnus' swordplay influence, Aleth is (unofficially) a Paladin.

Lagnus Prince

Lagnus is the Prince of Garade. He's a great spearsman, but he yearns for more power in order to be able to defend his kingdom. Will this lust for power corrupt his kind heart? Only time will tell.

Early in the game, an event takes place where Lagnus equips a mysterious and powerful piece of armor. He's the only character in the game who gets a sprite change. This armor and how it affects Lagnus plays a big part in the game's story. That's why the game's logo has an armor's helmet.

Cassius Bard

A traveling musician, who uses his minstrel identity as a cover for other missions. He lost his younger sister several years ago, and he still holds a grudge.

Cassius is a fun character. He's one of my favorites in the game. Although his bard skills aren't too useful in battle. He has a striking resemblance to Chichiru from the anime, Fushigi Yuugi.

Serra Goddess

A mysterious girl, found by Aleth and Lagnus in an ancient shrine. At first, she remembers nothing but her name. Her past plays an important role in the story. Many secrets will be revealed about her origin and the world's troubling past.

Her healing magic and attack magic makes her a valuable character. Under Saladin, she's the second character who remains the longest in your battle party.

Saladin Thief

No relation to the similarly-named character in Dual Orb 1. A thief by trade, and the adopted son of the Chief of the Thieves Guild. He's the comic relief in the story.

Saladin is your average swordsman until a specific story event where he learns magic. As expected from a thief, his defense is terrible, so try to keep him out of harm's way. Out of all the other playable characters, he remains the longest in your battle party.

Najiri Beast Boy

Najiri is of the Gurica clan and is the son of the clan chief. Oddly enough, he's an NPC and not a playable character. Even though he'll join your battle party and fight in battles, you can't control him. He's also weak and dies easily. Thankfully, he's only in your party for one quest.

Karina Princess

Karina is the Princess of Highlandia and a very un-princess-like tomboy. She's a funny character in the way she seduces Saladin. She doesn't learn magic so she's not a useful character. Her signature move is risky; it's a Stab attack that has hits with double her attack power but has a higher rate of missing.

Bargan Pirate

Bargan is captain of pirates. He is a sort of Robin Hood-like figure. He once had a daughter but lost her at a young age. He helps you invade an enemy pirate hideout.