Aleth was found by the high priest of Garade during one journey to the castle.  He was given the honor to be the next high priest when Lagnus is king of Garade.  He and Lagnus grow up together and became best friends.  Being that Aleth is raised by the current high priest of Garade, he is gifted with holy magic.  In addition to Lagnus' swordplay influence, Aleth is (unofficially) a Paladin.

Lagnus is the Prince of Garade.  He's a great spearsman, but he yearns for more power in order to be able to defend his kingdom.  Will this lust for power corrupt his kind heart?  Only time will tell.  Lagnus wears normal clothing in the beginning of the game.  Later on an event takes place which concludes with Lagnus wearing purple armor (as seen in the character icon towards the left).  But I won't tell you what happens because I want the suspense to drive you insane.

Cassius rulz!  He looks like Chichiru from the anime, Fushig Yuugi.  His background is the most interesting and dramatic; he's more than just a bard.  Towards the middle of the game is when he reveals his true colors.  The colors of...  the gay pride rainbow.  Heh j/k, he reveals something else...  which is...  that...  he likes to spontaneously wack off in public!  Like in this scene.  Despicable.

Yup yup!  Serra is a Goddess.  But not quite the Goddess that you're thinking of.  She only has typical human magical powers, and...  a rifle! >:D  Yup, Serra is a Goddess with a rifle.  Don't mess with her!  She won't hesitate to blow you away (heh, both definitions).  Telling you about her background would spoil everything, so I'll just say this...  she is from...  the past!  Oh, what suspense!

Saladin is the comic relief, and he's the character that stays with you the longest throughout the game.  At first he's just a typical swordsman, but he eventually learns magic!  And this "sudden" gift of magic ties into the story of his past.  Like any other typical thief in an rpg, Saladin's defense sucks! >_<

      Beast Boy
Ugh, I HATE Najiri.  He's a weakling who easily dies after like two hits.  His only attack is a petty little nail slash.  His battle graphics don't look cool either.  He looks like an overused mop that was just used to clean Monica Lewinsky's vomit after eating Mexican food.  Thankfully, he only stays in your battle party for one adventure.

Karina is one tough princess!  She has power over men, especially Saladin.  She has him trained like a dog in heat.  Kinda like this.  She is magic-less like Najiri, but she does have a nifty Stab attack.  It executes an attack with double power along with an increased miss percentage.

He's the captain of a pirate ship.  He helps you invade an enemy pirate hideout.  Umm, yeah.  That's Bargan.  Did I mention he's the captain of a pirate ship?  Yeah...  so much to say about him...