Dual Orb 2 is an RPG  by I'Max, released for the Super Nintendo in Japan in 1994. The unofficial English translation was released in December of 2002 by Nightcrawler's Translation Corporation. Dual Orb 1 also came out for the SNES, but only part 2 is available in English. Toward the right is Dual Orb 2's box.

Two scientists have lead the world into a prosperous utopia of advanced technology and science. Their quest for knowledge lead them to an orb of infinite power. One of the scientists got consumed by greed and wanted to take over the world with the orb's power. The other scientist managed to defeat the evil scientist at the darkest hour of his wrath. The world was left in ruin, but humanity survived and continued to prosper. All that was left from the days of old is a handful of ruins. Decades later, an evil, power-hungry empire managed to revive the evil scientist. What will become of the present day world now that he has returned? The fate of humanity is left in the hands of a child born from... the heavens?

It's a typical turn-based rpg. The only thing that stands out is the weapon system. There are very few weapons in Dual Orb 2; each character can only equip like two or three different weapons throughout the whole game. But there's more to it! Weapons have levels and can be upgraded to higher levels which increase its power. You need to go to a town's local blacksmith in order to do a weapon upgrade (it's a little expensive). When you upgrade a weapon up to level 20, it turns into a super weapon with its own nifty special attack.

If you ever get stuck, just go to the Pub and talk to everyone. I'm serious! That's ALL you need to do. Everything in Dual Orb 2 revolves around the Pubs. =P Finding out what to do next is so easy. If you really really need a walkthrough then go to the Dual Orb 2 section at Gamefaqs.

Woah... Dual Orb 2... is... awesome! It's such a traditional rpg. The graphics are similar to Breath of Fire's quality. The character sprites are so cute! ^_^ The battles are almost Playstation quality! The battles' backgrounds are some of the best graphics I've seen on the SNES. However, spell/item animations are almost as ghetto-fabulous as SNES Magic Knight Rayearth. There's quite a variety of enemies that you encounter, heh. In one cave, you battle against laptops and 4-wheeler Jeeps. The soundtrack is great! My favorite is the cave theme. The only thing that sucks about the songs is that they're fairly long, and the random battle encounters are quite frequent. So, most of the time, you'll only be hearing the first couple seconds of every song. Ah, and the storyline is excellent! It's unexpectedly serious and emotional. And get ready for a challenge, because most of the boss battles are insanely hard! Overall, Dual Orb 2 isn't up there with FFVI or Chrono Trigger, but it's definitely worth playing if you're an SNES RPG fan. Nightcrawler did a superb job with the English translation. Usually translation projects consist of several people, but Dual Orb 2's project was pretty much just Nightcrawler and his translator. Such devotion! If I were you I would send them a "thank you" e-mail right now.

As you play Dual Orb 2 you will notice many similarities to Final Fantasy 6. The sprite style is similar, some graphics are similar, some parts of songs are similar, some aspects of the storyline are similar... things like that. For example, here's Garade's banner. Look familiar? It's FF6's imperial banner of Vector. I don't consider all these FF6 similarities a bad thing. I'm actually glad that Dual Orb 2 has done this. It gives me such a feeling of nostalgia since FF6 is my all-time favorite RPG.

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