Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Earthbound? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^


Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). And at the very bottom there are ending saves that are ZSNES save states that only work on ZSNES.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Save #1: Start - 744 bytes

In Ness's house. Buzz Buzz gave you the Sound Stone and now the game has officially begun.

Save #2: The Sharks - 748 bytes

Leveled up Ness to level 8 and equipped the best equipment. Next take on The Sharks!

Save #3: Giant Step - 756 bytes

Got the key to the northwestern shack from the mayer. Go there and enter the Giant Step Cave.

Save #4: Police Station - 776 bytes

Just went through the Giant Step Cave. The police officer waiting for you at the end said to go to the police station.

Save #5: Twoson - 735 bytes

Just arrived in Twoson. Figure out what to do!

Save #6: Toward Happy Happy Village - 809 bytes

Just got the Pencil-Eraser from Apple Kid. Head toward Twoson's southeast cave and use it to proceed to Happy Happy Village.

Save #7: Happy Happy Village - 746 bytes

Just arrived at Happy Happy Village.

Save #8: Going after Carpainter - 805 bytes

Just spoke with Paula and got the Franklin Badge. Head into the Happy Happy Mansion to face Carpainter.

Save #9: Mondo Mole - 865 bytes

Defeated Carpainter and got Paula. Leveled her up to Lv 16. Now go through the eastern cave and battle Mondo Mole for the next sound.

Save #10: Onward to Threed - 848 bytes

Hitch a ride with the Runaway Five so that they can take you to Threed!

Save #11: Winters - 891 bytes

In Winters with Jeff. Just went through Brick Road's dungeon.

Save #12: Capture the Zombies - 929 bytes

Just escaped the prison thanks to Jeff's help. Now it's time to get rid of the zombies terrorizing Threed!

Save #13: Underground Threed - 950 bytes

Captured the zombies on Apple Kid's Zombie Paper. Now you can enter the underground chamber, located in the northwestern part of the cemetary.

Save #14: Master Belch's Base - 951 bytes

In Saturn Valley; fully prepared and ready to enter Belch Base. Go west and enter the waterfall to find the secret door to the base.

Save #15: Desert - 909 bytes

Just arrived at the desert.

Save #16: Fourside - 907 bytes

Just arrived at Fourside.

Save #17: Gold Mine - 929 bytes

At the Gold Mine in the Desert. Enter and conquer!

Save #18: Department Store Kidnapping - 1 KB

Just bailed out the Runaway Five... again. Next head to the Department Store. When you're about to leave, a surprise will happen - be prepared to battle!

Save #19: Moonside - 1 KB

Paula has been kidnapped! Oh no! Enter the Cafe and check the bottles on the wall behind the counter, and you will warp away to Moonside.

Save #20: Tarah Rama - 1 KB

Next is Tarah Rama's Cave. Go north of the drug store to find the entrance. Also, in your inventory is the Skip Sandwich, Picnic Lunch and Pencil Eraser - items required to reach Tarah Rama.

Save #21: Monotoli Building - 1.02 KB

Went through Tarah Rama's Cave. It's time to get back Paula! Talk to the woman next to the department store. You'll be granted access to the Monotoli Building.

Save #22: Rainy Circle - 1 KB

In Winters; enter the cave near Stonehenge and battle Shrooom for the Rainy Circle.

Save #23: Summers - 1 KB

Just arrived in Summers, and I bought the best equipment from the shop there.

Save #24: Museum - 1.03 KB

In Summers; Poo just joined. Go to the museum, enter the second floor and speak to the man in front of the door.

Save #25: Sewer - 1.08 KB

In Fourside; next is to battle Plague Rat Of Doom for the next "Your Sanctuary" location. Enter the Museum, head all the way west, and enter the manhole into the sewer.

Save #26: Dalaam - 1.07 KB

In Dalaam again; enter the southern cave. Battle Thunder and Storm to gain access to the next sanctuary: Pink Cloud.

Save #27: Kraken - 1.12 KB

In Summers. Go near the water's edge, talk to the sailor that is looking out onto the ocean to ride over to Scaraba. He tells you that you'll probably run into the Kraken, and you indeed run into the Kraken - so be ready!

Save #28: Scaraba - 1.05 KB

In Scaraba, and fully prepared. Head towards the pyramids and discover their wonders.

Save #29: Dungeon Man's Walking Tower - 1.06 KB

Inside Dungeon Man's walking tower; at the beginning. Head east and conquer!

Save #30: Deep Darkness - 1.12 KB

At the end of Dungeon Man's walking tower. Approach the Submarine, and Jeff will fix it. The party will carry it outside and travel to the next area: Deep Darkness (the swamp).

Save #31: Stonehenge Base - 1.09 KB

In Dr. Andonut's laboratory. Head to Stonehenge for "Stonehenge Base"; use the Eraser Eraser to dissolve the eraser in your way.

Save #32: Lumine Hall - 1.12 KB

In Tenda Village; just helped the Tendite overcome shyness. Head to the bottom-left corner of the cave and go down the rope ladder to enter the cave that contains the Lumine Hall sanctuary.

Save #33: Fire Spring - 1.09 KB

Next to the Fire Spring cave. Enter and conquer!

Save #34: Magicant - 1.02 KB

Just entered Magicant.

Save #35: Back to Onett - 1.04 KB

In Onett; head toward the meteorite!

Save #36: Cave of the Past - 1.08 KB

In the beginning of "Cave of the Past". At the end of this cave is the final battle!

Save #37: Ending (ZSNES save states) - 253 KB

zst) Last Boss.
zs1) Ending.
zs2) Ending 2.