Four courageous kids face the ultimate test! Teen heroes defy a galactic fiend! Ness, the heroic youth who hopes to save the Earth from an evil alien being said to be more powerful than anything in nature, has joined the forces with three other kids--Jeff, Paula, and Poo. Odds makers have put their chances of success at somewhere around one hundred billion to none.


Now that Ness has taken on the challenge of saving the Earth, people want to know what sort of qualifications the young man has. Reports from his hometown seem to indicate that he is resourceful and makes friends easily. He is also said to have limited Psychic (PSI) powers that can be used in battles or during dodge ball matches. Observers has also noticed a marked fondness for snacks. Clinical test have revealed that Ness, the Onett youth charged with saving the planet form hideous destruction, has psychic abilities. His healing and fighting skills are currently crude, but doctors believe that they will strengthen with repeated use. He will master new and more powerful PSI skills. Although they hate to see him go, Ness's family will do all they can to assist his effort to save the planet. Ness can rely on his sister, Tracy, to take care of spare items. His Had records his progress and puts money in the ATM. If he doesn't call his Mom, his fighting ability suffers.


Ness's newest companion, Paula, has been linked to the use of PSI powers including the use of telepathy. Telepathy is the ability to communicate over distances using only the mind. Following in the legendary footsteps of star-crossed lovers Link and Zelda, Paula supposedly called Ness telepathically when she was kidnapped recently. Paula refused comment on this. The Inquirer has overwhelming evidence proved her ability to use Offense and Defense PSI powers in addition to communicating using telepathy. The evidence includes eye-witness accounts of PSI attacks, levitation and a trail of bent spoons.


The latest reports on Ness and Paula indicate that they have been taken captive in the town of Threed. Unsubstantiated reports are coming in that the son of famed "sane" scientist, Dr. Andonut, has also come to Threed. How Jeff learned about the presence of Paula and Ness is a mystery since he doesn't subscribe to the Irrational Inquirer. Friends and family say that Jeff has dabbled in every field of engineering: from moped maintenance to nuclear fusion. He can fix anything or make tools from scrap. But the question remains--can this young Einstein save the planet? Jeff Andonut's medical reports prove that he doesn't have extraordinary powers like those of his companions. Experts suggest, however, that the young man's extraordinary grasp on mechanics may prove even more valuable for the hopes of the planet. "He was like a true-life McGyver," recalled Jeff's seventh grade geometry teacher.


The fourth member of the wonderkids has been identified. Joining Ness, Paula and Jeff on their heroic quest is a young man known as Poo. His search for the others has taken him to the town of Summers where he must prove his worthiness. Inquirer researchers have discovered that Poo shares several psychic abilities with his friends. The newest global defender, Poo, uses virtually every type of PSI force including Defense, Offense and Recover. Professional seers foretell that he is also destined to make use of a special weapon called the Sword of the King. Since he is the last to join the gang, he has the most catching up to do to build his experience and strength.