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The version this website is dedicated to. Earthbound is an RPG made by Nintendo, released in 1995 for the Super Nintendo. In Japan it's known as Mother 2. The US release has a very interesting history. Earthbound is the first RPG of its kind! Instead of the usual dragons, swords, and potions, Earthbound has mad hippies, baseball bats, and pizza. The storyline does have a serious plot, but it's full of slapstick comedy and bizarre characters. There are also has tons of features that no other RPG has. For example, you can have a delivery man come and take away items you don't need. You can have a pizza delivered to you anywhere in the game (except caves/dungeons). Whenever you encounter a weak enemy you automatically win the battle without having to fight it.

Mother was only released in Japan (in 1989). Loyal fans of Earthbound managed to obtain a fully translated prototype and leaked it out onto the net for us to enjoy. For years we wondered how this prototype came into being. Then a guy who worked for Nintendo came forward and revealed to us that it was a marketing decision to deny Earthbound Zero's release. Nintendo wanted to focus on the SNES. Anyway, this is just a brief explanation of the game's history. Check out Lost Levels Online's Mother article for the full story.

Released in 2003 only in Japan, this is a compilation of the first two Mother titles. There are new items, shops, and events, and run and shortcut buttons. In April 2011 an unofficial English translation was released for Mother 1+2 by Tomato and Jeffman. Mother 1 is fully translated, and Mother 2 has basic menu and name translations. Click here for some screen shots.

The long awaited third segment to the series! It was released in 2006 only in Japan. Mother 3 starts out very differently from the first two Mother games. The game is set up into eight different chapters, much like Dragon Quest IV. Instead of focusing on a group of children, it chronicles the story and adventures of Lucas and his family, and the story switches perspective during each chapter. The game retains the Dragon Quest-style battle system Mother and EarthBound had (although this time at a much quicker pace), but Mother 3 adds an extra twist in the form of the music combo system. In October of 2008, fans unofficially translated the entire game to English for us.

-Click hereto visit the English translation project's homepage.
-Click hereto watch the trailer for the English translation.
-Click herefor some screen shots.

In July 2013, Earthbound was re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console (worldwide). Nothing new was added; it was a direct port of the SNES release.

In June 2015, in celebration of Earthbound's 20th Anniversary, Mother 1 was localized for the Wii U Virtual Console (worldwide) under the name “EarthBound Begginings.” Finally, we were able to experience an official release of the first Mother game!


An evil alien race plans to attack earth and take it over. Only one boy and his friends can defeat the aliens before their evil plans takes place. The story begins when a small meteor hits the earth and wakes up the residents of a small town. A couple curious boys go to the meteor and end up discovering a talking house fly. The fly tells one of the boys that he is the world's last hope against the evil alien race. This begins the strange yet interesting story of Earthbound! The boy and his band of unlikely friends voyage across the world through places like a cult town, a zombie-infested town, a giant desert, a metropolis, a walking dungeon, and more! The boy will battle against angry middle-aged men, crazy shopping-obsessed women, giant burping blobs, ants with psychic powers, taxis, and even gas pumps!


The battles in Earthbound are mostly text-based. You fight against the enemy using things like baseball bats, frying pans, and toy guns. Instead of MP you have PP which means psychic points. Each type of psychic attack has several levels, each one stronger than the other that you slowly learn. PSI is separated into 4 categories: offensive, recovery, assisting, and other. When you encounter an enemy behind its back, then you get to attack the enemy first in battle. When the enemy catches you behind your back, then the enemy gets to attack first in battle.


The Auto battle feature is very handy. Use it whenever you don't feel like choosing what everyone should do. Don't forget to talk to mom often! If you don't then the main character's strength weakens. By the time you reach the desert, it's a good idea to always keep stocked up on large pizzas. Defensive psychic "spells" really do help in tuff battles. Some parts of the game are hard to figure out so it's a good idea to have a walkthrough by your side. Pay close attention to some of the things people tell you. What they have to say could help your fight against a boss easier.


This game is amazing! It's so funny!! There's something new and bizarre behind every corner! Many of the songs have a jazzy, Caribbean kind of influence. This game has so many things that no other rpg has! Like your characters can pass out when you cross the desert for too long and the only thing that can cure them is a wet towel. And sometimes when you go through a forest a tree will follow you and attack! And just when you think your path is clear--a statue of a pencil blocks your way! The only turn off is the battles since they are mostly text-based. The only things animated in battle are the PSI attacks. Well, if you're tired of all the usual fantasy rpgs then give Earthbound a try!