Note: “Download Pre-patched” is the game already patched with the translation or hack. “Download Patch” is just the patch (no game included).
*If you need assitance with patching, check out my Patching Tutorial.

Original Games

Super Nintendo (SNES)Earthbound (U)
Download - 1.37 MB
The Earthbound for the Super Nintendo that we all know and love :)
Nintendo (NES)Earthbound Zero (U)
Download - 745 KB
Consider this “Earthbound: Part 1.” It was only released in Japan, yet we have this fully translated version. It's an interesting history, which I explain in the About page. Note that the game might stall at some point with an anti-piracy screen - here's the fix for it.
Game Boy Advance (GBA)Mother 3 (J)
Download - 14.7 MB
The Japanese release of the third game of the Mother series. It's translated below.
Game Boy Advance (GBA)Mother 1+2 (J)
Download - 3.8 MB
The Japanese release of the Mother 1 (Earthbound Zero) and Mother 2 (Earthbound) ports for Game Boy Advance. It's translated below.

Fan Translated

Game Boy Advance (GBA)Mother 3 (English)
Download Pre-patched - 14.9 MB Download Patch - 1.12 MB
The fan based English translation of Mother 3. The game is 100% fully translated to English. Learn more at the official page.
Game Boy Advance (GBA)Mother 1+2 (English)
Download Pre-patched - 3.89 MB Download Patch - 78 KB
A full English translation of Mother 1. Mother 2 just has the basic menu and name translations. Since this is from the Japanese version, nothing is censored. Boxes were expanded when necessary for easier reading with the new English text. Some bugs were fixed. A more legible font was implemented for easier reading. Learn more at the official page.

Rom Hacks

Super Nintendo (SNES)Earthbound:
New Controls
Download Pre-patched - 1.97 MB Download Patch - 1.16 KB
Say goodbye to navigating several menus only to find that guy in front of you just farted. This patch brings more modern controls to an SNES classic! Changes include:
• The A button now interacts with anything in front of you.
• The X button now opens the menu.
• The Y button now opens the map.
• Attempting to interact with the uninteractable no longer produces a “No problem here.” message.
• References to the map button have been changed where appropriate.
Super Nintendo (SNES)Mother 2 Deluxe
Download Pre-patched - 3.07 MB Download Patch - 4.49 MB
This is a completely uncensored, back to the Japanese text, completely reprogrammed in a bazillion ways, redrawn and paletted enemies, new enemy sprites, new colored maps, difficulty way increased, new items added, PSI animations changed, new PSI added, enemies are more difficult, and more! The full list of changes is posted on the official Starmen thread for this hack. This hack's EBP patch requires a special utility, or you can just download the pre-patched version and not worry about patching. If you want to see how this hack is like, check out MegaHarv's videos.
Note: If you use Snes9x you need to use v1.60 or higher, or else this hack just shows a black screen.
Super Nintendo (SNES)MaternalBound
Download Pre-patched - 2.24 MB Download Patch - 2.15 MB
This hack's goal was to make Earthbound as close to Mother 2 as possible. It takes care of most of the uncensoring that North America made during the localization of Mother 2. Mainly, this hacks aims to create the best experience possible of Mother 2/Earthbound by combining an uncensored version of Earthbound made from scratch (graphical and text-wise). The main game is left intact (without modifying any core-gameplay mechanics). Click here for some screen shots.
Super Nintendo (SNES)Earthbound: Halloween Edition
Download Pre-patched - 1.99 MB Download Patch - 159 KB
This is Radiation's Halloween Hack: Bad Fur Day Edition, created by Toby Fox. The same Toby Fox who created the popular Steam game, Undertale. This hack alters Earthbound to be an entirely new game. You're a bounty hunter who is given the duty to track down a mysterious creature who mutilated and ate a little girl’s parents and encounters various horrible things as the adventure goes on. It's dark and horrifying. It's meant for mature audiences who aren't offended by naughty language and adult themes. Click here for some screen shots. Additionally, you can watch gameplay footage on YouTube.
Super Nintendo (SNES)Earthbound:
The Rat Race
Download Pre-patched - 1.98 MB Download Patch - 499 KB
This game, which you might think of as Earthbound for girls, is a project that took several years and a lot of work. Most of what has been changed is character names and the text. Although also thrown in are a few changes in the graphics. There is no “adult” content in this game unless you count a few items de-censored from Mother 2. Click here for some screen shots.
Nintendo (NES)Mother:
25th Anniversary
Download Pre-patched - 239 KB Download Patch - 122 KB
Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition aims to make Mother much more enjoyable for both Earthbound fans and those playing it for the first time. All graphics are redrawn from scratch to be more faithful to the clay models. The overworld has been tweaked to be much less bleak and repetitive. There is more scenery, areas are more colorful and confusing areas like Duncan's factory have been simplified. This hack's goal was to make Mother less challenging, but still quite difficult. Read its included documentation to learn about more changes. Click here for some screen shots.
Nintendo (NES)Earthbound Zero:
Download Pre-patched - 228 KB Download Patch - 7.83 KB
An improvement hack that corrects spelling/grammar mistakes, restores censored graphics, makes the game easier (the original is very hard), replaces the font with a more legible one, and other changes to improve the overall experience. Click here for some screen shots.
Game Boy Advance (GBA)Mother:
Color Correction
Download Pre-patched - 3.88 MB Download Patch - 1.73 KB
As some of you may know, a lot of GBA games have brightened, washed out colors in order to make it easier to see on an unlit GBA. This patch restores the colors back to what they were on NES (for Mother 1 only, the Mother 2 side of the ROM is untouched). The pre-patched download here is Tomato's Mother 1+2 English translation. Click here for some screen shots


You need a Super Nintendo emulator in order to play Earthbound, a NES emulator in order to play Earthbound Zero and a GBA emulator to play Mother 3. Click here for my collection of emulators!

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