Shining Force 2 ~1.43 MB



You need a Genesis emulator in order to play the game - click here for my collection! If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered in my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.



Shining Tactics

~1.44 MB

~1.03 MB

A brand new and exciting take on Shining Force 2. Over 60 new pieces of equipment for ALL the characters. Revamped and balanced Spells. Much more balanced characters and game play in general. To get a taste of Shining Tactics, check out these screen shots and this YouTube playthrough.

Shining Tactics was created by Alex Harmon. It was a lot of hard work on his part! Make sure to hop on over to his Facebook and send him a message of thanks :)

So I have two downloads:
• "Pre-patched" is a copy of Shining Force 2 with Shining Tactics already applied, so just download and play.
• "Patch" only has the patch. I put this here for those of you who prefer patching the game yourself. If you need help with patching click here.

Side note: The YouTube video shows "Special Turbo", "Control Opponent", etc. options when starting a new game. That's not part of Shining Tactics, that's the Config mode cheat.


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