1. Basics
2. General Mantras
3. Special Mantras
   A. Healing
   B. Resurrection
   C. Status Increase
   D. Status Decrease
   E. Element Protection
   F. Other
4. List of Game's Mantras
   A. Fire
   B. Water
   C. Lightning
   D. Wind
   E. Light
   F. Dark
   G. Earth
   H. Void

Mantra Guide

This guide isn't necessarily a guide. It's more like an organized list of all the mantras that I think are worth your time. It's obviously not a complete list since Treasure of the Rudra's mantra system is virtually endless. NOTE: All the mantra names in this guide are meant to be in full caps. I typed them normally because it looks prettier that way. If you have a problem with that then take your beef up with Sailor Ture.
The basic elements are Lef (Healing), Ig (Flame), Aqu (Water), Teo (Wind), Tou (Lightning), Soa (Light) and Sere (Dark). These elements have a delicate balance in the Treasure of the Rudras universe. Look to the right of this paragraph:
Ig (Fire) Aqu (Water)
Teo (Wind) Tou (Lightning)
Soa (Light) Sere (Dark)

Fire is weak against Water and Water is weak against fire. For example, if you're wearing a fire-aligned armor then you will be weak against water attacks. But if you're wearing a water-aligned armor then you will be weak against fire attacks. Get the idea? You don't have to memorize that table because it's also in the game's equip menu to let you know what elements your characters are strong/weak against once they equip a certain weapon/armor/accessory. And then there's Nihi (Void) and Pra (Earth); these elements have no weaknesses.

Spells in Treasure of the Rudras are called mantras. Creating a mantra with the elemental name by itself creates the weakest mantra possible for that element. Adding a suffix makes it stronger and consume more MP. There are lots of suffixes in the game. Other Treasure of the Rudras fans might beg to differ, but I believe the best suffixes are ~na, ~rex, ~nates and ~god. Here's a table of all the basic elements with these suffixes:
Target MP Fire Water Wind Lightning Light Dark Void Earth
Single 1 Ig Aqu Teo Tou Soa Sere Nihi Pra
All 2 Igna Aquna Teona Touna Soana Serena Nihina Prana2
Single 5 Igrex Aqurex Teorex Tourex Soarex Sererex Nihirex Prarex
All 9 Ignates Aqunates Teonates Tounates Soanates Serenates Nihinates Pranates
Single 12 Iggod Aqugod Teogod Tougod


Seregod Nihigod Pragod

• MP costs may slightly vary with certain mantras or other characters.
• You shouldn't have ALL of these mantras in your mantra list. Just use some at a time. In the beginning of the game, I wouldn't recommend using the strongest mantras because they would just consume all your MP in a couple rounds. You should gradually switch to stronger mantras as you progress through the game.
• I left out Lef (healing) because it doesn't really work too well with these suffixes. Instead I added it to the next category.
• If you want even stronger mantras then browse the "List of game's mantras" category.
1 Soagod creates a Dark mantra, not a Light mantra. Not all mantra suffixes give you the desired outcome.
2 Prana creates a Void mantra, not an Earth mantra.

And then there are the non-elemental-based mantras that do special things.
Name Target MP Description
Pebefamegami All 1 Cheat mantra! Cures everyone with more HP for just 1 MP
Lef Single 2 Cures some HP
Lefna All 4 Cures everyone with some HP
Leflus Single 4 Cures more HP
Megami All 8 Cures everyone with more HP
Anim Single 5 Resurrection with some HP
Animus Single 8 Resurrection with more HP
Phoenix Single 16 Auto-resurrection with 25% HP
Status Increase
Banish All 13 Increases defense
Powerup All 13 Increases strength
Apsonmo Single 12 Increases accuracy
Suna All 10 Increases spirit
Protect All 13 Increases magical defense
Status Decrease
Soft Single 7 Decreases defense
Virus Single 7 Decreases spirit
Weak Single 7 Decreases strength
Megahalf All 15 Decreases strength
Pusspeck All 8 Decreases magical defense
Gigapusspek All 12 Decreases magical defense
Pikugazero Single 22 Decreases magical defense
Element Protection
*reem Single 4 Protection against that element
*nareem Single 12 Stronger protection against that element
* = Insert either Ig (Flame), Aqu (Water), Teo (Wind), Tou (Lightning), Soa (Light) or Sere (Dark) for protection against that element. This mantra only lasts a couple rounds.
Peace All 3 Escape from battle
Stella Single 4 Absorbs HP
Pulmora Single 1 Absorbs MP
Moonlight All 12 Cancels magical status
Tiller Single 10 Instant death
Errate Single 20 Causes Madness status; doubles strength, character won't stop attacking for many rounds or death (i.e. Berserk) (same effect as Spirit item)
Various mantras used by enemies/bosses that you might want to try out. I put them in order from least to greatest MP consumption.
Name Target MP Description
Eerirog Single 3 Small explosion, randomly causes Burn status
Waigna All 3 Like Igna but stronger and animation shows more fireballs
Horigmel All 6 Pillars of lava shoot from the ground
Damkau Single 8 Shoots fire causing a small explosion
Hormetagnu Single 13 A pillar of fire rises from the ground
Macropotey All 22 Bombards the enemy with giant explosions
Ariroc Single 3 Ice shard attack, randomly causes Freeze status
Onhinaf All 11 Giant ice shards fall at the enemy
Lucfullsuta Single 13 Consumes enemy in cold water surrounded by giant snow flakes
Yuvusuc All 16 Consumes all enemies with cold water
Kingcoast All 24 Calls forth El NiƱo!
Kuedares Single 9 Blasts the enemy with a giant ball of lightning
Megacol All 12 Bolts of lightning shoot across the battlefield
Suumedagi Single 13 Bombards the enemy with lightning
Fulldampotie All 14 Conceals all enemies within a field of strong electrical power
Lartounamel All 14 A laser of intense electrical power glides across the battlefield
Metasehsh Single 18 Shoots a gigantic beam of lightning
Metasehniu All 24 Like Lartounamel but the track left by of the laser releases intense power
Lucteomel All 5 A square of wind consumes the enemy with a buzzing noise
Shiitafu Single 7 Blades of wind slash at the enemy
Vudepit Single 7 Wavey wind rises from the ground
Dees All 10 Two cyclones swirl around the battlefield
Lucfulltenu One 13 Attacks the enemy with rings of wind
Granteona All 19 A magical bird flies by and gives off a gust of wind
Kibilaes All 20 A giant mass of wavey wind consumes the battlefield
Suudamjin Single 20 Magical birds rise from the ground
Sehrebul All 25 Giant clouds of wind fly across battlefield
Kaakipebul All 26 Giant clouds of wind along with magical birds fly across the battlefield
Pegnubulnuus All 1 Cheat mantra! Whirlpool of light energy causes hard damage for just 1 MP
Cafootac Single 4 A ray of holy power shines down
Heaven All 9 Calls forth a bunch of little angels
Pelgsheet Single 11 An angel comes down and attacks with a halo
Bilapemanu All 11 Angel feathers come down and attack the enemy with holy light
Greatuni All 12 A giant sphere of light rises from the earth and explodes
Xolhisheet Single 13 An angel appears and attacks with a power that creates a large crucifix
Conazehili All 18 Attacks the enemy with spheres of holy power
Kaakepibul Single 24 Angel feathers come down and attack the enemy with holy light
Kaamomuny Single 15 A beholder-like being blasts the target with an eye beam
Metalucness All 16 A bunch of dark spirits spiral around like an airplane's propeller
Nilucmolas All 18 An explosion of dark energy
Granserena All 19 Evil hands rip open dimensional folds of a dark dimension
Warleb Single 7 Surrounds the enemy with flaming lava
Men Single 9 Causes a small earthquake around the enemy
Kaacukomen Single 13 Mini FF6-Quake-style earthquake
Pratahna All 18 Causes... a wave of earth?
Vupratahna All 19 Crevasses split open on the battlefield
Kipratahna All 23 A large crevasse splits open on the battlefield
Ranihimel All 4 A huge block of void-infused stone falls on the enemy
Pedepiper Single 11 A meteor bounces on the enemy
Pekihakue Single 13 Three small pillars of void-infused stone rise up from the ground
Larnihimel All 14 Three large columns of void-infused stone fall down and attack with void
Kideohpiper Single 19 A meteor engulfed in fire hits the enemy
Pedemu All 19 A meteor crashes down and with a large explosion
Kideremnu All 26 A giant meteor crashes down with a gigantic explosion

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