Main Characters

Sion's Scenario


Sion is a soldier of Cryunne Castle who lives with his brother Doug in the town of Vad. Sion strives to be the strongest man in the land, he participates in the Tower of the Valiant competition to put his strength to the test. He longs to outmatch his mentor Taurus, the strongest warrior of Cryunne. Sion becomes the holder of the Life Jade during the game.

As expected from a swordsman, Sion's strong point is with physical attacks. He is lacking in the mantra department and doesn't gain much MP as he levels up. But yet, he does equip some of the strongest weapons in the game. Give him a Spirit item or cast a 'madness' mantra on him and he'll be of some good use in boss battles.


Foxy is the daughter of Eremia, a man who is good friends with King Cryunne. Foxy gains information on a cult known as the Rudra Cult who have recently been kidnapping children to sacrifice to their god Rudra. After apprehending a cultist, she leads it to Cryunne castle where it is to be held captive. During this trip, Foxy encounters Sion for the first time.

Foxy is the daughter of the owner of Ermian's Manor, who has the Holy Grail in his possession. When it comes to strength and magic, she's average. She's an okay character.


Not much is known about Ture. Ture is one of verY few Giants remaining in existence. Ture was imprisoned by another giant named Surt for trying to stop him in his plans. Ture wishes to find his friend Ramyleth who is held captive by Surt.

Ture is the strongest character in the game. Ture has lots of MP, HP, and the best attack power. He triumphs over other characters in terms of magic but is still decent.


A wise old man, Ramyleth is in fact the king of the Danan race. The only person able to pilot the Danan ark Brasnir, he is held captive by a man named Surt who forced him to pilot him to the lower world so that he could locate a Jade.

Ramyleth is the best at magic in Sion's scenario. His crossbows are helpful in combat, too; it attacks all enemies like Edgar's Auto Crossbow in Final Fantasy VI.

Surlent's Scenario


Surlent is a disciple of the prophet Solon who lives in a secluded cavern on the Thor Volcano. Nearing the end of the millennium, Solon prophecizes that the end of the world is due and the link can be found in the secret of the Lago Stones. Surlent is sent to investigate. He begins his investigation by working with a man named Dr. Muench who is a researcher on the stones. During the game, he becomes the holder of the Revival Jade.

As you can see by Surlent's very wizard-inspired outfit, he is a wizard. Hence, he's great at magic and has high magical defense.


Surlent's companion; call him an apprentice if you will. Legin is the son of Dr. Castagia, an inventor from the town of Oriab. Not much to say about Legin, he's simply Surlent's buddy who likes to talk a lot.

It's best to keep Legin in the back row. He's not a great character, has a bad assortment of armor, and has low MP. He's best used for ranged attacking and hitting all opponents with a machinegun.


Sork is a desciple of the prophet Solon. Sork is Solon's right-hand man. Solon requests Sork to help Surlent in his mission.

As you can see by his getup, he is a ninja-like character. He excels at physical strength and isn't great at magic. His animations are cool, though. He pulls down his scarf before casting a mantra.


Lolo is a child gifted in magic who escaped the hidden village with his best friend, Pipen. He joins Surlent after being rescued from Ozunna in the Ruins of Fahl.

Lolo has a great deal of MP and excels at magic. Like Ramyleth, some of the bows that he can equip attacks all enemies like Edgar's Auto Crossbow in Final Fantasy VI.

Riza's Scenario


Riza was born with the Holy Jade embedded in her forehead. Granddaughter to the monk Zeku, founder of the Town of Karn, she sets out on a quest one day to live up to the prophecies of the Danans. The Danans state many prophecies of the Holy Jade and the holder is recognized as the one who will purify the Earth.

What's awesome about Riza is that she's the character who gains the most MP in the game and is the strongest with magic.


Garlyle is the leader of a small resistance in the City of Babel. Garlyle meets Riza while on the run from the Guards at Babel. Riza and Garlyle team up together to use the purified air that is being distributed to the city to purify the air everywhere. Afterward he decides to offer his services to Riza in purifying the world.

Garlyle can equip a good assortment of armor. In many ways, he's like Dune. Although he has good defense, you have to wonder if it's worth keeping him in the back row because they don't get targeted a lot. He's a strong physical attacker and ranged attacker. Make sure to equip him with machine guns.


The young kid prince of the Reptiles. Pipin escaped from the Hidden Village with his friend Lolo. After Pipin was caught by a carnivorous plant in the Great Forest, they became separated. Pipin is saved by Riza's party and overstays his welcome from then on. Pipin's original motive was to resurrect the Rudra of the Reptiles so that his race could rule the world once more.

Pipen is built solely for physical attack. He's not exactly a juggernaut though. He's probably the weakest physical attacker for his class in the game. Pipin also has very low MP.


Marina is a Mermaid who joins Riza's party in the Netherworld, but I don't see the logic as to why she was there in the first place. The village elder sent her to the netherworld by using a mantra. Her mission is to find clean unpolluted water for the egg in her possession. The egg contains an unborn guardian sea deity known as a Heg, a large Merfolk species.

Marina is the best spellcaster and physical attacker in Riza's scenario. Her only drawback is her low HP.

Dune's Scenario


Dune is a thief who claims himself to be a treasure hunter. Dune and his companion Cid travel the world over seeking glorious treasures. After stealing two holy receptacles, the Holy Grail, and the Holy Robe, Dune one day comes into contact with a shining gem at the Tuhla Ruins. Upon further inspection, the gem binds with him, it is none other than the Death Jade.

After stealing the Danan ship Brasnir, Dune and Cid are led to search for the ten divine treasures of Rudra to turn the world into a paradise with the guidance of Brasnir who can communicate with its pilot.

Dune can equip a good range of equipment. It's recommended to keep him in the front row. He's a well-rounded fighter.