Main Characters

Sion's Scenario

Sion's destiny as a holder of a jade is to defeat the most major threats of the world's destruction. He's a soldier who was trained by a well-known swordsman named Taurus. He wants to be the best and strongest man alive. Obviously, Sion's strong point is with physical attacks. His lacking in the mantra department makes you feel like he only has like 10 MP the whole game. But he does equip some of the strongest weapons in the game. Give him a Spirit item or cast a 'madness' mantra on him and he'll be of some good use in boss battles.

Her name is Foxy! XD Lol, that's awesome. If I ever got a sex change and changed my name then it would be Foxy (or Desire, depending on my mood). Anyway, Foxy is the daughter the owner of Ermian's Manor, who has the Holy Grail in his possession. She has Red Mage syndrome, meaning she's in-between when it comes to physical strength and mantras.

Ture is perfect! He's very strong in all areas. He joins with Sion in the Tower of the Giants. Doesn't he look funky?! Look at his sprite, his hat looks like a chef's hat and his hair looks like Sailor Moon's pony tails. To prove my point, here's a photo I made of Ture as a chef on the Food Network and here's a picture I drew of Ture as a Sailor Scout of love and justice.

Ramyleth is King of the Danans. He was the commander of the Ark, until it was stolen by thieves. So like, yeah, that's Ramyleth. He's good with mantras too. Some of the bows that he can equip attacks all enemies like FF6 Edgar's auto crossbow.

Surlent's Scenario

Surlent's destiny as a holder of a jade is to learn about the destruction yet to come and collect ancient relics. He is a pupil of Solon, a guardian of a gate to the Netherworld in Thor Volcano. As you can see by Surlent's outfit, he is a wizard so his had lots o' MP for mantras.

Surlent's sidekick and partner in fighting crime. He's already joined up with Surlent in the beginning of Surlent's scenario. His father is Castagia, a scientist of Port Town Oriab. Much like Foxy, he has Red Mage syndrome.

Sork is another pupil of Solon. He joins up with Surlent after he speaks to Solon for the first time in Thor Volcano. As you can see by his getup, he is a ninja-like character. His animations are cool. He pulls down his scarf when he casts a mantra.

Lolo is a 'gifted' child who escaped the hidden village with Pipen. He joins up with Surlent after he rescues him from Ozunna in the Ruins of Fahl. This kid looks like such a fruit. I keep on wondering why Surlent & company keep on letting him tag along whenever they go off to fight powerful beings who were created to destroy all life. :P Well, he does have a lot of MP so he has some use to you. Like Ramyleth, some of the bows that he can equip attacks all enemies like FF6 Edgar's auto crossbow.

Riza's Scenario

Riza's destiny as a holder of a jade is the purify the world. You guessed right if you thought she looks like a healer of some sort. She probably is the one who gains the most MP in the game. To be honest, her scenario gets kind of boring at times. Things start picking up when you get mermaid chix0r.

Ugh, he looks like Irvine from Final Fantasy VIII. Just looking at him gives me an eye sore. >_< Anyway, he joins up with Riza in the Forest of Ren. He is the leader of the rebel forces in the Babel.

Pipen is a prince of the reptiles. He ran away from the hidden village with Lolo so he could revive the rudra of the reptiles. Pipen is one tough cookie! He's the only one in the game who can equip metal claws. Give him a Spirit item or cast a berserker mantra on him and he'll slash away at the enemy with powerful blows.

Mermaid chix0r with huge bangs! She's so cute!! When you first meet her in the Netherworld she's like "OMG WTF!" and takes off and I was like "nooo I can't live without mermaid chix0r!!" She eventually joins. Then she quits and you're left like "WTF!!" then she eventually joins again. Then she quits AGAIN and eventually joins up with you AGAIN! So that's twice she abandons you. Dammit, why did Square make the only mermaid chix0r in the game do this to you?! >_< I love you, mermaid chix0r! Please don't leave me again!! She's so awesome. She kicks ass with her trusty trident and has a lot of MP. I love her so much I made a sexy wallpaper of her.

Dune's Scenario

This guy doesn't just pop out of nowhere and join you in the final scenario. He is a constant nuisance in Sion's and Surlent's scenarios, robbing them of their ancient relics. He has stolen Ramyleth's flying Arc and uses it for a quick escape and to travel to all the temples and caves in the world to steal even more ancient relics. He helps Riza in her scenario by giving her two relics of great value. His long hair and round chin makes him look like a lesbian.


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