If you're a newcomer I know you're going to have questions. Arcade emulation is a little different than normal SNES & Genesis/Mega Drive emulation. The first thing that will puzzle you is why I'm listing “ddtod (Euro 940412)”, “ddtodar1 (Asia 940113)”, etc. with the downloads below. All of those files are necessary to successfully run the game with any arcade emulator.

Which arcade emulator should you use? There's a bunch of good ones out there. I recommend RetroArch (the #1 multi-system emulator) as the easiest and most updated option for newcomers wanting to play the Dungeons & Dragons arcade games on Windows. I have a tutorial for RetroArch and other arcade emulators in my emulation help subsite, Video Game Emulation for Newbies. If you're on Android, iOS, or Mac, I have more arcade emulators posted in my emulators page.

When you download & install RetroArch, RetroArch doesn't come with the ability to emulate anything. You need to go into its Online Updater to select the 'cores' (the emulators) you want it to support. It offers over 10 cores for arcade emulation. Any of them should be fine for emulating Tower of Doom & Shadow Over Mystara. “Arcade (MAME 2003)” or “Arcade (MAME 2010)” are ones I would use.


Dungeons and Dragons: Tower of Doom

Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom

The awesome game that started it all! This download contains the following:

  • ddtod (Euro 940412)
  • ddtodar1 (Asia 940113)
  • ddtoda (Asia 940412)
  • ddtodr1 (Euro 640113)
  • ddtodd (Euro 640412 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)
  • ddtodhr2 (Hispanic 640113)
  • ddtodhr1 (Hispanic 940125)
  • ddtodh (Hispanic 940412)
  • ddtodjr2 (Japan 640113)
  • ddtodjr1 (Japan 640125)
  • ddtodj (Japan 940412)
  • ddtodur1 (USA 640113)
  • ddtodu (USA 940125)

Note: Extract “” from its zip file, but don't extract “”, “”, etc.!

Download 33.5 MB
Dungeons and Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara

Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara

The awesome 'sequal' to Tower of Doom. This download contains the following:

  • ddsom (Euro 960619)
  • ddsoma (Asia 960619)
  • ddsomb (Brazil 960223)
  • ddsomr3 (Euro 960208)
  • ddsomr2 (Euro 960209)
  • ddsomr1 (Euro 960223)
  • ddsomh (Hispanic 960223)
  • ddsomjr1 (Japan 960206)
  • ddsomj (Japan 960619)
  • ddsomur1 (USA 960209)
  • ddsomud (USA 960619 Phoenix Edition) (bootleg)
  • ddsomu (USA 960619)

Note: Extract “” from its zip file, but don't extract “”, “”, etc.!

Download 33.5 MB

4-players in Mystara

By default, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara only offers up to 2 players. I have directions on how to enable 4 players in the About section.


You'll be needing an arcade emulator in order to play these games. As mentioned at the top of the page, RetroArch is the one I recommend for newcomers to arcade emulation. Other good arcade emulators are FinalBurn Alpha, Kawaks, and Mame32. Check out my emulators page to browse among these options.