Front Mission: Gun Hazard


Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Front Mission: Gun Hazard? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^


Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). Each *.srm file contains four saved games (a save in each slot).


Contained in these zip archives are text files containing a detailed description about each save. This description lists the save's location, current status of the plot, current character levels, current equipment, current inventory, and current money.


Oh, I wasn't the one who obtained these saves. Each and every game save and the information in each zip archive is all thanks to the one known as OhNoMelon. If you're grateful for her saves, then please PM her in the forum and give her your thanks!


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

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1 - Bergen save

2 - Cenktrich saves

3 - Borukta saves

4 - Al Hari saves

5 - Bergen Revisited saves

6 - Zamboli saves

#1-The Bergen save - 2.30 KB

Slot 1: The first save point in the game. Pick any of the red location and just go go go.

Slot 2: At the shop; just completed Orobos. Head for the only red area.

Slot 3: At Gromund; clear out Gromund.

Slot 4: At Shop #2; Gromund and Riese cleared out. Nothing plot wise happened.

#2-The Cenktrich saves - 3.30 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: At Army HQ, Cenktrich; forced to flee the country. Now doing merc mission.

Slot 2: At Alpine Forest, Cenktrich; investigate the area.

Slot 3: At Alpine Forest, Cenktrich; head to Ruben Woods.

Slot 4: At Hollen Facility, Cenktrich; investigate the facility.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: At Shop, Cenktrich; obtained ID card.

Slot 2: At Duerr Facility, Cenktrich; cleared out two areas of minor enemies.

Slot 3: At Duerr Facility, Cenktrich; obtained ID card #2.

Slot 4: At Ehren Hill, Cenktrich; head for the big base past the hill.

#3-The Borukta saves - 4.45 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: At Ventt Base, Cenktrich; assault the main base.

Slot 2: At Ventt Base, Cenktrich; Cenktrich area completed.

Slot 3: At Radar Site, Borukta; starting a new mission.

Slot 4: At Bechua Bridge, Borukta; explore the area.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: At Bartov, Borukta; met Emil.

Slot 2: At Mount Bartov, Borukta; cleared Mount Bartov.

Slot 3: At Mount Erskaia, Borukta; another area cleared.

Slot 4: At Resistance HQ, Borukta; drop by to check on Emil.

_Save file 3

Slot 1: At Shadak, Borukta; look for Emil.

Slot 2: At Mount Gorcha, Borukta; still looking around.

Slot 3: At Mount Gorcha, Borukta; you're found.

Slot 4: At Bolsai, Borukta; check out the city.

#4-The Al Hari saves - 4.60 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: At Bolsai, Borukta; this country is cleared. Head back to New York.

Slot 2: At ARS Headquarters, Al Hari; report to ARS Headquarters.

Slot 3: At Sunset Hill, Al Hari; Sunset Hill first scenario completed.

Slot 4: At Sunset Hill, Al Hari; look for Camilla.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: At Eastern Desert, Al Hari; Sunset Hill scenario complete.

Slot 2: At Western Desert, Al Hari; look for the moving fortress.

Slot 3: At Dahana Highland, Al Hari; look for the moving fortress.

Slot 4: At Shop, Al Hari; run in with Dr. Sakata.

_Save file 3

Slot 1: At Cliff Garrison, Al Hari; moving on.

Slot 2: At Fort Navaru, Al Hari; assault Fort Navaru.

Slot 3: At Fort Navaru, Al Hari; drop by the ARS Headquarters.

Slot 4: At Emingen, Bergen; back in Bergen to settle the score.

#5-The Bergen Revisited saves - 3.55 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: Gromund, Bergen; pay a visit to the President.

Slot 2: Gwain, Bergen; first meeting with Felder.

Slot 3: Riese, Bergen; encounter with Ark.

Slot 4: The shop, Bergen; more fights with Genoce.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: Bergen Army HQ, Bergen; final confrontation with Ark.

Slot 2: Bergen Army HQ, Bergen scenario is cleared. Leave the country.

Slot 3: Zamboli Forest, Zambola; begin new mission.

Slot 4: Zamboli Forest, Zambola; search for the missing person.

#6-The Zamboli saves - 3.78 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: Encampment, Zambola; btained Noctoscope.

Slot 2: Road to Janga, Zambola; two areas cleared.

Slot 3: Janga Village, Zambola; investigate the area.

Slot 4: Nmakuba Forest, Zambola; Chief Bongo found.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: Lhasu Woods, Zambola; had a fight with Bishop.

Slot 2: Tangany Diet, Zambola; president rescued.

Slot 3: Tangany Diet, Zambola; Zambola scenario completed.

Slot 4: Eminka Forest, Zambola; picked up a few items.

#7-The Sibirska saves - 6.24 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: Oil Platform, Sibirska; meet up with the President of the region.

Slot 2: Ryohov Coast, Sibirska; look for the terroists.

Slot 3: Moruvsk, Sibirska; look for the terroists.

Slot 4: Moruvsk, Sibirska; Moruvsk went up in flames. Picked up a few items.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: Red Shark Fleet, Sibirska; destroy the fleet.

Slot 2: Kara Sea, Sibirska; explore the area.

Slot 3: Vaiachev Coast, Sibirska; explore the area.

Slot 4: Vaiachev Coast, Sibirska; explore the area.

_Save file 3

Slot 1: Ice Wall 202, Sibirska; attack terroists' main base.

Slot 2: Launch Tunnel, Sibirska; part of base destroyed.

Slot 3: Launch Tunnel, Sibirska; launch Tunnel destroyed.

Slot 4: Red Shark Base, Sibirska; hijacked enemy warship.

_Save file 4

Slot 1: Red Shark Base, Sibirska; unable to defeat the boss. Head back to Al Hari to look for Dr. Sakata.

Slot 2: Dahana Highland, Al Hari; persuaded Dr. Sakata to join the group.

Slot 3: Mount Malyukin, Borukta; found Kagemitsu, a robot Dr. Sakata built.

Slot 4: Red Shark Base, Sibirska; mission completed.

#8-The Machu Picchu saves - 4.03 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: Jose's Mansion, Machu Picchu; mission near a resort.

Slot 2: Cuzco Village, Machu Picchu; looking for the guerrillas.

Slot 3: Ancient Ruins, Machu Picchu; investigating.

Slot 4: At the shop, Machu Picchu.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: Radar Site, Machu Picchu; discovered Jose's true color.

Slot 2: Cuzco Village, Machu Picchu; head back to the village to look for the 'rebels.'

Slot 3: Jose's Airfield, Machu Picchu; go after Jose.

Slot 4: Jose's Airfield, Machu Picchu; Machu Picchu cleared.

#9-The Esporte saves - 4.03 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: Esporte, Esporte; first job as Guardians.

Slot 2: Indico, Esporte; searching for enemy base.

Slot 3: Viatses, Esporte; searching for enemy base.

Slot 4: Viatses, Esporte; searching for enemy base.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: At the shop, Esporte; obtained new weapons.

Slot 2: Galtsa, Esporte; track down flying warship, Rio de Sambo.

Slot 3: Rio de Sambo, Esporte; destroy the warship.

Slot 4: Via Blanca, Esporte; attack enemy's base.

#10-The Senteniel saves - 2.93 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: Via Blanca, Esporte; Esporte region completed. Head to Madios in Machu Picchu.

Slot 2: Madios, Machu Picchu; obtained new vehicle. Now able to catch up to Sentinel.

Slot 3: Senteniel Wing, Senteniel; slow down the Senteniel.

Slot 4: Senteniel Command, Senteniel; heading in to the command center.

#11-The Atlas saves - 4.48 KB

_Save file 1

Slot 1: Madios, Machu Picchu; new shop in Sydney is available.

Slot 2: At the Shop, Esporte; finished stocking up.

Slot 3: Area 101, Atlas; move up.

Slot 4: Area 101, Atlas; leveling.

_Save file 2

Slot 1: Area 101, Atlas; leveling.

Slot 2: Area 101, Atlas; leveling.

Slot 3: Area 102, Atlas; going up.

Slot 4: Atlas Summit, Atlas; final stage.

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