Front Mission: Gun Hazard


The Game

A Super Nintendo emulator is needed to play Front Mission: Gun Hazard. You can download one from my emulators page. If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered on my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

Additionally, I need to remind you that Front Mission: Gun Hazard is a Japan-only game. Once you find its ROM, you need to apply the English patch (found further down).

Front Mission

Super NintendoFront Mission: Gun Hazard

Due to the Front Mission 3D Remake (released in 2022) and the revival of the Front Mission series, I can't host Gun Hazard's ROM here. Rather, the button below directs you to SNES collections at Internet Archive. Click here if you need directions with that. If Internet Archive doesn't work out for you, I have more options in my links.

Fan Translation Patch

This is the English translation that makes the Japan-only version of Front Mission: Gun Hazard turn English. This translation is released as a patch. You must apply it to the original game. If you need help with patching, I have instructions in my patching guide.

Front Mission (Japanese)

Super NintendoFront Mission: Gun Hazard (English)

The English fan translation released by Aeon Genesis Translations. They did a fantastic job on it!

Download 112 KB