1. Wanzers!
2. Body Parts
3. Weapons
4. Items
5. Emulator Cheating

Tips and Strategy

Wanzers are made up of 5 parts: two legs, two arms, and the sexy body. Each arm can hold a weapon and a missile launcher or shield. When the Wanzer gets its legs destroyed, it can still operate like nothing happened but its movement span is only a few spaces. When the Wanzer gets its arms destroyed, it can still operate like nothing happened but you lose whatever those arms were holding (you lose them just for that battle, they're not permanently gone). When the Wanzer gets its body destroyed, that's when they're screwed! The Wanzer blows up and the pilot magically escapes unharmed. Destroyed arms and legs are automatically repaired for free after a battle, but you have to pay the repairs of Wanzers that blew up.

There's just one thing you need to know before you read the following, "Hit" is a number that represents the chances of you making a successful blow to the enemy and "Engine" represents how much weight your Wanzer can hold.

Arms have their own HP and defense, they use up some of your "Engine" so be careful. Arms can also increase or decrease your "Hit"! Pay close attention to that!

Bodies, the most important part. Bodies have their own HP and defense. They contain the main engine that supports the weight of itself and every other body part. Some bodies have a large engine while others have smaller ones.

Legs have their own HP and defense, they use up some of your "Engine" so be careful. Legs can also increase or decrease your movement span.

Computers are very important to your success in battle! Indeed!! Computers can increase or decrease your success rate with fighting, close-range weapons, long-range weapons, and agility. Yes agility, the number that represents the chances of you dodging an attack.

Backpacks are awesome! They have their own engine that assists the main engine so that you can handle more weight!! How cool is that?! Calm yourself down. AND they let you store more items.


Rifles/Flame Throwers
These close-range weapons are powerful and can severely damage the enemy in one shot! But... its just one shot. You have a 1/5 chance of missing.

Machine Guns/Vulcans
These close-range weapons are perfect to use when the enemy is severely damaged in more than one place. They help ensure a defeat when the enemy's body has barely any HP left.

Bazookas/Grenade Launchers
When you run out of missiles or trying to conserve them, these weapons can satisfy your long distance needs. But... all good things have a string attached, these weapons have a 2/5 chance of missing. That may not look too bad as a fraction but it feels like 9/10 when you use them in the battlefield.

There aren't too many of these in the game. If you have a Wanzer dedicated to fist fighting, then these fighting sticks will help make their attacks stronger.

Missile/Rocket Launchers
Missile launchers are the best part of Front Mission! Missile attacks are so devastating and allow you to pick off enemy Wanzers in a couple rounds. Sometimes you can even destroy them with just one missile attack! Some shoot just 1 missile while others shoot 2 or 3.

You MUST always have a shield equipped! Shields can REALLY save your ass against the heavy bombardment of enemy attacks and their devastating missiles. Shields protect your Wanzers pretty good against every type of weapon except Machine Guns/Vulcans.

Obviously, each Wanzer should always have repair items in their inventory. You might want to also give each Wanzer a smoke grenade or chaff grenade and an acid bomb. Smoke/chaff grenades are great for lowering an enemy Wanzer's accuracy. They're especially useful against those giant, powerful enemies like the "Clinton Type" and that thing with guns for arms. Acid bombs are great for those annoying generals that have such strong armor, they decrease the defense on every part of an enemy Wanzer.


Hitting the part you want damaged
There's a little trick you can do to get your desired outcome in an attack. Use the save state feature to save your game right before the screen goes black to enter a battle. If your Wanzer didn't hit the part you wanted it to, then just reload the save state until it hits it.

Raising success rate of attacks
That's easy! Just equip your Wanzers with the most powerful computers. How, you ask? Save state hacking! Open up your save state in your favorite hex editor and punch in 63 into offsetts DD2D-DD38. When you're done it should look something like this. What this does is put 99 of each of the best computers in your inventory. If you don't know how to hack into save states then refer to my Save State Hacking guide.

The Ultimate Cheat

Want to start a new game with 99 of every item, weapon, Wanzer body part, and $9,999,999 too? Then download my hacked save! This save begins all the way in the beginning with Lloyd in the first town.

Click here to download my hacked Front Mission save state! ~201 KB

The zip file contains an SRM save and a ZSNES ZST save state. They have the exact name as my Front Mission ROM so all that you need to do is drag-and-drop the SRM (or ZST if you're using ZSNES) into the same folder that the ROM resides. If you need further help using these here's my YouTube video about using savess.