The Game

You will need a Super Nintendo emulator to play Chrono Trigger and the hacks offered on this page. To play the ports, a PlayStation 1 emulator and Nintendo DS emulator are needed. You can download these emulators from my emulators page. If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered on my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

Chrono Trigger (U)

Super NintendoChrono Trigger (U)

The original Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo that we all know and love! This is the North American version that was released in the United States.

Download 2.18 MB
Chrono Trigger (U)

PlayStation 1Chrono Trigger (U)

The port of Chrono Trigger released in North America for the PlayStation 1 as a part of the Final Fantasy Chronicles collection. I'm not fond of this version. The anime cut scenes are awesome, but the sound emulation isn't the greatest.

Download 311 MB
Chrono Trigger (U)

Nintendo DSChrono Trigger (U)

This re-release for the Nintendo DS contains all of the bonus material from the PlayStation 1 port, a more accurate translation, a dual-screen mode which clears the top screen of all menus, a self-completing map screen, and a default “run” option.

Download 59.7 MB

ROM Hacks

A variety of hacks that make the original Chrono Trigger harder, fix bugs, funny, or provide a whole new experience!

What is “Pre-patched” and “Patch”? ROM hackers release their works as patches. In order to experience their hacks, you must apply their patch to the original game. With the “Pre-patched” download, I've saved you the trouble and patched the game for you. But if you insist on patching the game yourself, you can download just the patch with the “Patch” download. I have patching instructions in my patching guide.

Flames of Eternity

Super NintendoFlames of Eternity

The ultimate Chrono Trigger hack! It's a whole new game! The story takes place after the events of the original game. It aims to follow the old adventurers on a new journey. A great deal of work has been put into this. This is an improvement based on an older hack called Crimson Echoes. Here's the homepage for this project. I have a bunch of screenshots from this hack on a separate page: Flames of Eternity screenshots.

Pre-patched 3.37 MB
Prophet's Guile

Super NintendoProphet's Guile

Chrono Trigger: Prophet’s Guile is another extensive hack, and by the same people behind Crimson Echoes. This follows the story of Magus’s rise to power in the Kingdom of Zeal after arriving in 12000 B.C. thanks to the distortion at his lair. In his bid to stop Lavos at the Ocean Palace, Magus must gain the trust of Queen Zeal and abolish all opposition. It’s about two regular Chrono Trigger chapters long, and full of surprises. Click here for some screen shots.

Pre-patched 3.03 MB
Patch 562 KB
Chrono Trigger Retranslation

Super NintendoChrono Trigger Retranslation

The Chrono Trigger Retranslation gives you a chance to experience Chrono Trigger in its purity. Every single line is properly translated. Nothing is left out, its 100% uncut. Everything (items, weapons, attacks, spells, etc.) have their proper name. The original challenge is retained (US release was made easier). Various bugs have been corrected. In other words, this is “Chrono Trigger: PERFECT Edition.

Download 3.11 MB
Patch 809 KB
Chrono Trigger Coliseum

Super NintendoChrono Trigger Coliseum

This incredible hack installs a battle arena in 2300 A.D.! Three ladders of monsters exist for three difficulties - easy, medium, or hard. The ladders can be ascended with either a full party or a single member from Crono's group fighting the battles; for each win, “battle points” are earned. These can be traded for high class items in the right of the coliseum. Cool huh? But it's important that you read the 'readme' before using it, as it explains important details.
Click here for some screen shots.

Download 2.97 MB
Patch 100 KB
Chrono Trigger Hard Type

Super NintendoChrono Trigger Hard Type

Do you think Chrono Trigger is way too easy? Well then apply the Hard Type patch! Here's a segment of the Read Me:
“Basically, CT5 is a Hardtype patch for Chrono Trigger, which means that most of the enemies' stats have been hacked to make them harder to defeat. Also, the character stats have been lowered to a degree, so when you hit certain peak levels you will not be as powerful as you would be in the original version. One more thing I did to add more of a challenge to the game is remove most equipment from the characters, so your defense will not be very high at the beginning. The tradeoff is that you get more experience from battles, so you will have the chance to get to a high level early in the game.”

Download 2.94 MB
Patch 3.05 KB
Chrono Trigger Spoof

Super NintendoChrono Trigger Spoof

This is a 'spoof'. It replaces about half of the main dialogue with hilarious jokes. Important aspects of the storyline are still retained. It's a fun spoof; like an episode of South Park.
Click here for some screen shots.

Download 2.94 MB
Patch 7.20 KB
Chrono Trigger: Another Stupid Spoof

Super NintendoAnother Stupid Spoof

This spoof (officially called “Another Stupid Spoof”) replaces almost all of the dialogue in the beginning of the game with dirty, perverted jokes. It's totally bottom-of-the-barrel garbage, and it's glorious. Click here for some screen shots.

Download 2.94 MB
Patch 31.5 KB