Heeere's Johnny!

Ah, the Chrono Trigger OVA (a.k.a. the Chrono Trigger anime). This was a 20-minute special released exclusively at a Japanese trade show sometime during the 90's. The anime is a spoof poking fun at the game. It's really cute! ^_^ I recommend viewing it. Take note that the Chrono Trigger anime has no relation whatsoever to Chrno Crusade or the anime sequences included in Final Fantasy Chronicles.

You have a few options below for viewing the Chrono Trigger anime. I opened up this section in Nov. '09 with the Flash version (for desktop viewing) and 3GP version (for mobile viewing). But recently (as of Dec. '12) I created an anime streaming site and I feature the Chrono Trigger anime there. It's in its full quality in HTML5 video format. So as an HTML5 video it'll work on any browser and any mobile device! Eventually I'll retire the Flash & 3GP versions, but for now I'm keeping all options available to you.

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