Q: Game saves?

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Shining Force 2? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^

Q: What are these?

These are periodical saves for Shining Force 2. Each zip file contains two types of files: (1) an SRM file (stands for saved RAM), which should be compatible with any Genesis emulator, and (2) a GS0 save state file, which works only with “Kega Fusion” and “Gens”.

You have Two Options!

Each zip file contains two different saves:

• “shiningforce2.gs0” - These are my saves. Consider it a casual gameplay session. I only cared to level up my preferred selection of characters. And the characters I did choose to keep were level-grinded well to make every battle a breeze. Stat boosters were used.

• “shiningforce2-mxc.gs0” - These saves were captured by Keegan McCarthy, also known as MXC at the Shining Force Central forums. His collection of saves have all characters leveled up, except for Creed's extra three characters. No stat boosters were used. All character names were changed to not be in all caps for easier reading. As a bonus, at Battle 19 the Pegasus Wings were edited in for Rick.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Battle 1 - Granseal's Tower

Battle 2 - To Yell or the South Shrine

Battle 3 - To Hawel's House

Battle 4 - To Galam Jail

Battle 5 - Inside Galam Castle

Battle 6 - Escape to Gransel

Battle 7 - Kidnap of Elis

Battle 8 - North Cliff

Battle 9 - To Ribble

Battle 10 - To The East

Battle 11 - Cave of Darkness

Battle 12 - Mountainside of Bedoe

Battle 13 - Inside Polca Village

Battle 14 - To Petro's Grandfather

Battle 15 - Shrine South of Ribble

Battle 16 - Battle with Kraken Monster

Battle 17 - Desert to the Taros Shrine

Battle 18 - Inside the Taros Shrine

Battle 19 - To the Harpy Pool
This zip contains a special save: “shiningforce2-promotion-mxc.gs0” has a Pegasus Wing edited in. This is so that Rick can become a Pegasus Knight. Of which, the game should've done this in the first place because you're given a Pegasus Wing way too late into the game.

Battle 20 - Harpy Pool

Battle 21 - Outside of Kreed's Mansion

Battle 22 - Chessboard

Battle 23 - Inside the Walls

Battle 24 - Read the Blocked Cave at North Cliff

Battle 25 - Tunnel to the North

Battle 26 - To Pacalon

Battle 27 - To Tristan

Battle 28 - Pangoat Bridge

Battle 29 - Outside the Mutila Shrine

Battle 30 - Mutila Shrine

Battle 31 - Inside Pacalon

Battle 32 - To Moun

Battle 33 - Inside Moun

Battle 34 - Battle with Cameela (Nazca Ship)

Battle 35 - To Roft

Battle 36 - Prism Flowers

Battle 37 - Battle with Red Baron

Battle 38 - To Yeel

Battle 39 - To the South Shrine

Battle 40 - Battle with Odd Eye

Battle 41 - Tower of the Ancients

Battle 42 - Battle with King Galam

Battle 43 - Final Battle with Zeon

Execute the final attack to defeat Zeon and watch the ending.

Battle 44 - Secret Final Battle
This is the special final battle you enter after the credits.

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