Shining Force 2 ~1.43 MB



You need a Genesis emulator in order to play the game - click here for my collection! If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered in my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.



For each hack I have two downloads:
• "Pre-patched" is a copy of Shining Force 2 with the hack already patched onto it, so just download and play! :)
• "Patch" is only the patch. This is for people who prefer to patch the game themselves. If you need help with patching click here.

Shining Tactics

~1.44 MB

~1.03 MB

Here's another new take on Shining Force 2. This hack adds over 60 new pieces of equipment for ALL the characters. Revamped and balanced Spells. Much more balanced characters and game play in general. To get a taste of Shining Tactics, check out these screen shots and this YouTube playthrough.

Side note: The YouTube video shows "Special Turbo", "Control Opponent", etc. options when starting a new game. That's not part of Shining Tactics, that's the Config mode cheat.

Cireza Edition

~1.43 MB

~1.01 MB

Here's another new and exciting take on Shining Force 2. This hack has been created in order to offer a new version of Shining Force II to play.
• New join order for the characters to have fresh play-through
• New, unexpected promotions for the characters
• Palette editing
• A few minor sprite and text changes (for consistency)

Information to know :
• No more secret promotion, so don't keep searching for them
• After promoting, you should update your weapons
• Some faces lose their animations because of the swapping process that was done
• The game difficulty should remain the same (or even be a little bit easier)

Cheater's Edition

~1.43 MB

~1.49 KB

The ultimate cheaters hack!
• Press and hold start to walk through walls.
• You can equip any item.
• You can promote to special classes without its required item. For example promote a Paladin to a Pegasus Knight without a Pegasus Wing. You can also always promote.
• Deposit Hack: Hold start, then select the desired option (look, derive, etc) to select any item in the game. If you don't hold start you'll just see your deposited items.
• Press B + Start to max out the stats of the current selected character.
• Buy any item in the game in any shop.
• Max gold.
• You always have the following spells (exit and re-enter the spells menu to switch pages.):
- Page 1: Dispel1, Sleep1, Egress1, Desoul2
- Page 2: Dao2, Appolo2, Neptun2, Atlas2
- Page 3: Katon3, Raijin3, Aura4, Detox4
- Page 4: Blaze4, Freze4, Bolt4, Blast4
• Cursed items doesn't curse you anymore.
• You can drop or sell any item.


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