Game Saves


Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Tales of Phantasia? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^


Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). Each *.srm file contains three saved games (a save in each slot). The ending save at the very bottom is a ZSNES *.zst save state, which only works on ZSNES and Snes9X.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Game Save #1: The Adventure Begins

Slot 1 - In front of the cave that leads to Dhaos' tomb. Once inside, speak to Master Tristan and he'll teach you something.

Slot 2 - In front of the mountain where the Sylphs are. Save them from that which is poisoning them!

Slot 3 - In front of Venezzia. Enter and charter a ship to Demitel's island.

Game Save #2: Contracting with Spirits

Slot 1 - In front of Venezzia. Enter and take the ship to Alvanista. During the boat ride you'll come across the famous "I bet Arche fucks like a tiger" line and Arche's drunken lustful outbursts for Cless.

Slot 2 - In front of Gnome's cave. Enter. The door inside is already opened.

Slot 3 - In front of Undine's Cave. Enter.

Game Save #3: Morlia Gallery

Slot 1 - In front of Ifrite's cave. Enter and get his contract!

Slot 2 - In front of the Moria Gallery. Enter and conquer! Don't forget to equip the Sorcerer's Ring to shoot sparks.

Slot 3 - Moria Gallery: Floor 4.

Game Save #4: Morlia Gallery Cont.

Slot 1 - Morlia Gallery: Floor 7.

Slot 2 - Morlia Gallery: Floor 10. Touch the diagram nearest to you to teleport to a battle with Maxell.

Slot 3 - In front of Ymir Forest. Pass through the forest to find the Elf Village.

Game Save #5: Elves, Luna, & War

Slot 1 - At the beginning of Treant's Forest.

Slot 2 - In front of the Tower of Twelve Stars. Go to the top floor to contract with Luna.

Slot 3 - Next to Midgard. Enter and proceed to the castle. There's going to be lots of talking. The king will tell you about Dhaos' troops gathering at the north end of the Valhalla Plains, yadda yadda.

Game Save #6: Valhalla Plains

Slot 1 - At the beginning of the Valhalla Plains invasion. Prepare for a mazey area!

Slot 2 - At the end of the Valhalla Plains invasion. Walk east for a boss battle. The aerial battle riding pegasus is next!

Slot 3 - In front of Dhaos' Fortress. Enter and conquer!

Game Save #7: Dhaos' Fortress

Slot 1 - Midway through Dhaos' Fortress.

Slot 2 - Midway through Dhaos' Fortress, but this time around the Gold Key has been obtained.

Slot 3 - The end of Dhaos' Fortress. Go forward and battle Dhaos! Er, but first there's a sub boss battle with a henchman.

Game Save #8: City of Thor

Slot 1 - Right next to the White Forest. Enter and find the Unicorn!

Slot 2 - Just arrived in Thor, the sunken Hi-Tech City.

Slot 3 - In front of the central computer in Thor. The robots protecting it have been defeated. I leveled up the party eight or so levels for the immediate battle with Dhaos. Go to the computer and access the time travel program, and prepare yourself to get teleported back to the first Dhoas encounter to battle him.

Game Save #9: The Future!

Slot 1 - In the future, in front of Volt's Cave. Enter and contract with Volt!

Slot 2 - In front of Alvanista; just got the skybirds and spoke with Alvanista's king. Now's the time you can explore all the secrets of the world with the freedom to fly anywhere!

Slot 3 - Next to City of Thor. Just did the following:
In Freezekill bought Lion Flare combo.
In Ary bought Cinder Hawk combo.
In oasis closest to Freland bought Odin's Wrath combo.
In Aegis' Workshop bought best equipment for Cless and armor for Klarth.
In Cave of Spirits got Emerald Ring.
In Long Valley got Amethyst Ring.
In Undine's Cave got Sapphire Ring, Ice Wall spell, and Distortion spell.
In Demitel's Island got Death Cloud spell.
In City of Thor got contract with Spirit of Light, Aska.

Game Save #10: Fenrir's Ice Cavern

Slot 1 - In the Ninja Village. Just did the following:
In cave south-east of Ary got contract with Spirit of Darkness, Shadow.
In Elven Village repaired Chester's bow and got Star Broom from Arche's mom.
In Ninja Village got Masamune sword from elder.

Slot 2 - At the beginning of Fenrir's Ice Cavern.

Slot 3 - At the end of Fenrir's Ice Cavern. Go forward to battle with Fang Wolf!

Game Save #11: Origin

Slot 1 - Next to Odin's Fire Tower. Enter and conquer! Don't forget to use Rune Bottle to transform Salamander's Rings (enemies here drop them) into Nymph's Rings, so you can walk freely in magma rooms.

Slot 2 - At the beginning of Ymir Forest to find Origin to weld the swords.

Slot 3 - At the eastern end of Ymir Forest where Origin is. Walk north to battle him. I leveled everyone up beforehand so Origin should be easy.

Game Save #12: Dhaos' Castle

Slot 1 - In front of the north western cave near Ary. Enter and Cless will use the Eternal Sword to reveal Dhaos' Castle.

Slot 2 - The first save point in Dhaos' Castle. Beforehand I went through the lower levels of the Morlia Gallery and obtained:
Combo for Cless: Thor's Wrath.
Spirits for Klarth: Chameleon & Gremlin.
Spells for Arche: Black Hole & Extinction.

Slot 3 - Dhaos' Castle: 3rd floor.

Game Save #13: Dhaos' Castle Cont.

Slot 1 - Dhaos' Castle: 4th floor.

Slot 2 - Final battle with Dhaos! Enter the door.

Slot 3 - <disregard>

The Ending (ZSNES Save State)

This state is saved when Dhaos is beginning to explode. The ending sequence ensues.