World Map

GBA World Map ~168 KB

NP's official map for English GBA Tales of Phantasia.

The maps below are based on the SNES version. You can still use them with the English GBA version, just expect the location and item names to be a tad different.

Perfect World Map

World Map ~234 KB

Tropicon's famous world map! Wow, it covers everything! It's the most helpful Tales of Phantasia map ever devised.

Printer Friendly Version

This is a 2-page PDF (16.7 MB). When you print this PDF, make sure Page Scaling is set to "Fit to printable area", as shown here. This will ensure that the map will fill the entire paper for your printer.

The BIG World Map

Big World Map ~721 KB

Here's a much larger world map by Tropicon. It's not as detailed as the above map; it just covers area accessibility.

Treant's Forest

Treant's Forest ~2.93 MB

Tropicon's ultimate Treant's Forest map! Everything's listed; all quests are included.

Fenrir's Cave

Fenrir's Cave ~430 KB

A full map of Fenrir's devious cave.

Volt's Cave

Volt's Cave ~316 KB

A clean map of Volt's Cave.

Ayflite's Treasure

Ayflite's Treasure ~147 KB

This map points out all of the locations of Ayflite's treasures.

Ymir Forest

Ymir Forest ~228 KB

Ah, one of the most beautiful places in Tales of Phantasia. All the treasures are listed.