World Maps

Game Boy Advance World Map

World Map (GBA)

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A fully labeled world map based on the North American release of Tales of Phantasia on the Game Boy Advance. The location names are virtually the same as in the Super Nintendo & PlayStation 1 fan translations, so you may reference this map for any version of the game.

Game Boy Advance World Map (print-friendly version)

World Map (GBA) -

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The Game Boy Advance world map prepared as a high-resolution print-friendly PDF. It's rotated on its side for printing in portrait. If you just want to look at the map and the rotation is bothering you, know that Google Chrome's PDF preview has a rotate button.

SNES World Map

Tropicon's World Map (SNES)

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Tropicon's famous world map! This is based on the Super Nintendo fan translation. It covers everything! It's the most helpful Tales of Phantasia map ever devised.

SNES World Map

Tropicon's World Map (SNES) - Print-friendly

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Tropicon's world map prepared as a high-resolution print-friendly 2-page PDF.

Area Maps from the Super Nintendo version

Totus Village

254 KB

Spirit Forest

240 KB

Totus Village (Ruined)

180 KB

Crossroad To Euclide

160 KB


243 KB

Jail Cell

453 KB

Morrison's House

112 KB

Mausoleum & Lava Caverns

670 KB

Beladum Village

205 KB


26.2 KB

Euclid (Past)

665 KB

Harmel Village

173 KB

Bato's House

66.9 KB

Sylph's Mountain (Past)

489 KB

Spirit Forest (Past)

245 KB

Harmel Village (Ruined)

86.4 KB


903 KB

Demitel's Manor (Past)

682 KB


821 KB

Alvanista Castle

591 KB


132 KB


36.7 KB

Olive Village

133 KB

Molten Cavern

114 KB

Cave Of Spirits (Past)

230 KB

Glaciated Cavern (Past)

708 KB

Morlia Gallery

1.16 MB


90.3 KB

Ymir Forest

250 KB

Elven Village

188 KB

Treant's Forest

2.46 MB

Tower Of Twelve Stars

393 KB


855 KB

Midgard Fortress

442 KB

Valhalla Plains

1.25 MB

Dhaos' Castle (Past)

1.13 MB

Edward's House

93.7 KB

White Forest

325 KB

Abyss Of Thor (Past)

476 KB

Town Of Miguel

256 KB

Crossroad To Euclide (Future)

159 KB

Castle Euclid

648 KB

Euclid (Future)

249 KB

Volt's Cavern

253 KB


669 KB


156 KB

Aegis' Workshop

94.0 KB

Glaciated Cavern (Future)

580 KB

Sylph's Mountain (Future)

463 KB

Cave Of Spirits (Future)

229 KB

Demitel's Manor (Future)

567 KB

Abyss Of Thor (Future)

498 KB

Cave Of Darkness

140 KB

Ninja Village

1.46 MB

Odin's Tower

318 KB

Fenrir's Cavern

322 KB


1.44 MB

Lower Morlia

4.17 MB

Dhaos' Castle (Future)

2.13 MB
All Maps Collection - 31.5 MB

Download all 59 area maps on this page in a zip file (doesn't include the world maps).