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  Phantasian Productions
These are the wonderful people behind the PSX Tales of Phantasia English translation and the fan subbers for the Tales of Phantasia anime.
  Tales Online
A wonderful website dedicated to every "Tales of" game. They have info, galleries with high quality scans, and downloadable goodies.
  Tales Central
Another good site dedicated to every "Tales of" game. They have info, galleries, movie clips, audio files, cheats, secrets, walkthroughs, and more!
  Phantasia Planet Aselia
An excellent site dedicated to the whole "Tales of" series. There's game info, fan art, anime info, book info, soundtrack info, and more! It's on Tripod so expect ads and pop-ups. And you might have trouble reading its light aqua blue font.
  Star Ocean-An Unofficial tri-Ace Site
A pretty good site dedicated to the Star Ocean series and "Tales of" series. (has pop-up ads)
  The Tales of Phantasia Shrine
Probably the only other website on the dedicated to Tales of Phantasia. However it appears to be abandoned since it hasn't been updated since like 2000. (has pop-up ads)
  Tales of Phantasia Costumes
The webpage that I got the cosplay photos from. It has quite a bit of info about their thoughts on their Tales of Phantasia cosplay experience.