Terra knows little about her past. She doesn't know who she is or where she comes from, and she doesn't know why people think she's special. She does know that the Empire used mind-control to turn her into a ruthless machine responsible for murdering countless people. Now she uses her magic against the Empire. Using a special power that enables her very soul, Terra has the ability to Morph into a formidable soldier during battle. In her strange new form, she gains strength and special powers that make her one of the best characters to assign to your attack team.

Don't call Locke a thief--he fancies himself a Treasure Hunter, even though he often hunts for treasure in other people's purses. Although he has the heart of an adventurer, his care-free demeanor hides a tragic past. He feels responsible for the death of his girlfriend, who perished at the hands of Imperial soldiers. His sole purpose in life is to find the magic that the Phoenix used to rise from its ashes. Locke hopes that the same magic will bring life back to his girlfriend. He's a clever and powerful ally. Use his Steal command to life objects from opponents during battles. When equipped with the Thief's Glove Relic, Locke can also Capture enemies.

Although Edgar is the King of Figaro Castle, his true calling is engineering. He is fascinated by machines and spends every spare moment making interesting contraptions. He's also a hopeless flirt. Because he's adept at making and using tools. Edgar is a valuable team member. Some tools attack multiple enemies at once.

Although he and Edgar are close friends, Sabin, Edgar's brother, leaves home when their father falls ill. He thinks that his father wants Edgar to succeed him, so, with feelings hurt, he flees to the hills, where he studies martial arts with a master until he becomes a master himself. Each of Sabin's Blitz attacks requires a button sequence.

Cyan is a throwback to a more chivalrous time, when knights fought in the name of honor. People may make fun of his formal way of speaking, but they find nothing funny about the fierceness of his fighting. Wait for the Sword Technique power to increase, then unleash a mighty attack with Cyan's sword.

Celes was once a General in the Empire army, but when she realized how corrupt they had become, she joined the resistance. She's ashamed of her role in the Empire's slaughter of innocent people and is determined to help out an end to it. Locke convinces her to join the group and teaches her to trust. When she's equipped with a sword, Celes can use it to absorb "single target" spells, keeping them from doing much damage to the party.

Moogles may look cute and cuddly, but they're really very powerful fighters. You'll find some for the first time in the caves near Narshe. When you return to search the caves later, you can persuade Mog to join your party. Listen to clues that the people in Narshe drop about where to find this shy and collusive Moogle. Mog's dances call destructive forces down on enemies. He'll learn eight dances in all, one for each area. He must fight in each region to learn its dance.

Shadow is a mysterious character who is accompanied by his attack dog, Interceptor. Some say that he's a soldier of fortune, but it's not money that convinces him to join you. He come and goes as he pleases, and he's no fan of the opera. Shadow doesn't put himself in danger when fighting. He throws ninja weapons from a safe distance. He's haunted by a dark past that involves the death of his best friend and the "quests" he had with him.

Thrown out of his home by his father when he was a young boy, Gau was left to fend for himself among the beasts of the Veldt region. He grows up wild but wise, carefully observing the methods animals used for waging war. Gau is an astute observer and a quick learner. He has the ability to learn the attack technique of his enemies. When you first enter the Vealt, use the Leap command to make him learn a technique, then use the Rage command to make him use it.

Setzer is an adventurer who loves a good game of chance. He creates a marvelous Airship that travels between the continents. That Airship is the party's ticket off the mainland. Behind Setzer's devil-may-care facade is a sometimes melancholy man who mourns a lost love. Setzer's special skill is playing a slot machine. When he hits the jackpot, the enemy is annihilated. Often, the machine pays off by refilling the party members' magic powers.

A descendant of the Espers of centuries past, Strago has some magical ability. The skills that resigned during the War of the Magi have grown weak over time, but Strago is powerful, nevertheless. Fearing the Empire, he and the other villagers have kept their powers secret for years. Strago has the wisdom of age and is an astute observer. Though his magic skills are limited, he learns quickly. Whenever enemies use spells against your party, he observes and learns the spells cast.

As the granddaughter of Strago, Relm is also a descendant of the ancient magi, but she knows little of the past. She is interested only in art, especially painting. Although young, she shows talent. Relm's special talent is sketching. During battle, she does quick drawings of her enemies and has the reproductions attack the originals.

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