Game Saves

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Final Fantasy for NES? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^

Each save is an *.sav file, which is compatible with any NES emulator. These zips also include *.fc0 save state files, which only work with the NES emulator known as FCE Ultra.

Oh, I wasn't the one who obtained these saves. Each and every game save and the information is all thanks to the webmistress of

Using game saves is easier than I was when I lost my virginity. Just rename the save state to that of your ROM (but don't change its file extension). Here's an example:

ROM name: ""
Save state: "ff1save.srm" ....rename to, "finalfantasy.sav"

Then load up the game and choose Continue at the title screen. The same renaming procedure applies to using the FCE Ultra *.fc0 save states.

The following is in the words of the webmistress of

A few things to note:

"God Mode" starts you in Coneria as a Knight, Ninja, White Wizard, and Black Wizard at level 50 with max stats, the best equipment, and all spells. (I hacked the Knight and Ninja to give them a full complement of White and Black Magic spells.) In God Mode, you should skip the class change quest. If have not tested how Bahamut will react in God Mode. Since none of the class change events have been completed -- you're at the beginning of the game -- Bahamut will most likely send you on the quest. I am not sure what would happen if you brought him the Rat tail. If you decide to do the class change quest anyway, save your game before returning with the Rat tail.

The normal saves are only slightly hacked, meaning that I was too lazy to level up/earn gold manually. A normal save has the best items and spells that you could have at that point, even if it means doing things a bit out of order. For example, I went to Crescent Lake and bought the Level 6 spells and equipment before the Earth Cave. I also bought the usable equipment and spells from Gaia and Onrac before the class change quest.

The characters seem to do more damage from physical attacks than I recall from the time I played without any cheats. This may be an effect of the save state editor that I used. Instead of buying the equipment and spells, I used the save state editor to get them, because the store interface in FF1 is terrible. I think that when I unequipped and re-equipped things in the save state editor, it may not have reduced the damage stats. Then, when I re-equipped in the game, it may have raised my stats. This is pure speculation.

Also, one last note: if the Airship does not rise from the Ryukahn Desert when you use the Floater, it's because I was playing with a Game Genie code (GPOKPZPZ) that allowed me to access the airship at any time by pressing A. One side effect of this code is that instead of rising from the desert, the Airship will rise wherever you last landed it. Depending on which of my save states you used, it could be almost anywhere. You could sail to all the towns to look for it, but it's probably easier load my "Cardia Islands" save after you complete the Ice Cave. This save will put you right next to Bahamut's hall, where he will give you the class change quest.

Some guesses as to where the Airship might be if you choose not to load from my save "Cardia Islands" save. (These guesses are based on the last of my save states that you used.)

  1. Coneria: Airship should rise near Coneria
  2. Pravoka: Airship should rise near Pravoka
  3. ElfLand: Airship should rise near ElfLand
  4. Melmond: Airship should rise either at ElfLand's northern port or at Melmond
  5. CrescentLake: Airship should rise at Crescent Lake
  6. IceCave: Airship should rise at the Ice Cave

This is the next step you need to take in my saves:

  1. Coneria: see the King to get your first quest
  2. Pravoka: defeat Bikke's pirates to get the Ship
  3. ElfLand: visit the sleeping Prince to get the quest
  4. Melmond: get the Ruby (and touch the stone plate) in the Earth Cave
  5. CrescentLake: get the Canoe, and go to Gurgu Volcano
  6. IceCave: find the Floater
  7. CardiaIslands: speak with Bahamut to get the class change quest
  8. Onrac: find Oxyale (I already got the Cube)
  9. Lefein: learn Lefeinish from Unne in Melmond
  10. TempleofFiends: enter the Temple of Fiends (I already got Xcalber)
  11. Chaos: defeat Chaos
  12. Ending: enjoy the ending