Main Characters

[ Tenchi ][ Ryoko ][ Ayeka ][ Mihoshi ][ Ryo-ohki ][ Sasami ][ Washu ][ Katsuhito ][ Azaka ][ Kimidake ][ Youkinojou ]
[ Mizuki ][ Kusumi ]


Tenchi Muyo! The main character and star of the Tenchi Muyo anime and this video game. As you may have already guessed, he is the best and strongest character in the game. With his trusty wooden sword in hand, he can easily defeat enemies in one mighty blow. In addition to Tenchi's strength, he's also high in defense and can take many blows. Tenchi's only drawback is that he lacks in long-distance attacks. If you want the game to be easy (as if it wasn't easy enough already) then make sure to use Tenchi in every battle.


Ryoko is so cool! She's one of my most favorite anime characters! She's a strong human-like being with special powers. Her ability to fly makes her a very useful character; you can put her almost anywhere on the battlefield. She attacks with her patented light sword and can shoot her patented laser beams from her palms. Umm, hrm, but... (spoiler) don't focus on leveling her up too much, because she leaves your party after you leave Earth.


Ayeka rules! She's a princess of the House of Jurai, a well-known and respected royal family. She's a very useful character to have around. She's the first character to have a healing technique and she stays with you the whole game. Her defense is usually not that great, it's important to level her up often. You'll be using her a lot for her healing technique. Ayeka movement span is big too, so it's easy for her to reach other characters who desperately need her healing technique.


Mihoshi is hilarious! She's the absent-minded airhead of Tenchi Muyo. As funny as she is, her silly personality and clumsiness make her a bad fighter. No, really. This game carries the clumsiness aspect of her personality because she misses most of the time! >_< She annoys you even more by saying "..." and rubs her head each time she misses. And each time I hear her English voice actor saying "Oops! Sowwrrrrryy!" in my head. Another annoying thing about her is that her movement span is horrifically small. Well, sometimes she can be a good fighter, and sometimes not, she revolves around luck. If you want this game to be challenging then use Mihoshi.


Ryo-ohki is the most adorable and cutest anime creature! She is half cat and half rabbit, hence 'cabbit', the name of her species. Ryo-ohki's strength and defense (especially strength) starts low but improves pretty good over time. Her attacks mostly involve biting and throwing herself around. Ryo-ohki has one really cute attack where carrots are thrown onto the enemy then she makes a cute, obsessive face adoring the carrots. She also has a great movement span. When it's Ryo-ohki's turn to attack she yells out "Myaaa!", which I believe translates to "Okay time to kick butt!".


Sasami is the most cutest anime little girl! She's so popular that she ended up having her spin-off series: Magical Girl Pretty Sammy (which is a pretty good series btw). Sasami is Ayeka little sister. She's only good for healing; her defense and strength sucks. On top of that, her movement span is small. If you're patient enough to level her up she eventually gains the ability to transform into Magical Girl Pretty Sammy.


Little Washu! I love her! Washu is the greatest mad scientist in the universe. She's the best support character to have! She heals, she boosts attack power in others, she teleports and has strong attacks as well as defense. Her movement span ain't too shabby either. The only drawback is that you still need to level her up a bit once she joins your party.


This old man is Tenchi's grandfather. He's also the strongest character in the game! His strength is superb and his defense makes him virtually impenetrable. Unfortunately, his high strength has some strings attached: his movement span is small, he's slow, and he only has short-range attacks. If you're patient then Katsuhito is your man!


When I first played this game I was surprised to see that you can use Azaka and Kimidake. These two wooden blocks are the robot guardians of Ayeka and Sasami. Azaka focuses more on attacks. His attacks are really strong! His movement span is very very small (just 1 space) but he does have a (very) long-distance attack. Azaka would be one of those characters to use when you're playing the game a second time and you want to be using a different character.


Kimidake focuses more on healing. His attacks are weak but he has a (very) long-distance healing technique. And like Azaka, his movement span is just 1 space. If you just want a character to heal all the time then Kimidake would be the one for you. It's tough leveling him up. You're better off with other characters who have a healing technique.


This robot helps out Mihoshi in her patrols when she's on duty as a Galaxy Police officer. Don't even bother with Youkinojou. Everything about him is bad: strength, defense, movement span, attacks - you name it! It's all pathetic. Leveling up hardly does him justice. The only way to increase his stats is through save state hacking.



Though Mizuki may seem like a character from the Tenchi Muyo anime, she's exclusive only to this game. But I wish she was! She's so cute! She's your enemy for most of the game, but... (spoiler) she eventually joins you. Mizuki has quite a bit of similarity to Ryoko. She's just as strong and has similar attacks.


Kusumi is the villain of the game. She's a scientist like Washu. She sends out Mizuki to challenge everyone - especially Ryoko! But what are Kusumi's plans? What does she plan to do? What are her intentions with Tenchi and company? Or does she have evil intentions just for Washu or Ryoko? Muahaha! I won't tell you. You will have to play this game to find out all the juicy details.