Q: Help! I'm new to arcade emulation!

Yeah, arcade emulation is a bit different than what we're used to with SNES and Genesis emulation. The best arcade emulators are FinalBurn Alpha, Kawaks, and Mame32. For D&D Arcade I recommend you use FinalBurn Alpha or Kawaks since they have more features than Mame32. Check out my emulation help subsite, Video Game Emulation for Newbies, for tutorials with Kawaks and Mame32. In the Kawaks tutorial I used D&D Arcade for its examples.

And if you don't feel like reading my tutorials, here are some quick watered-down directions:

1) Download the 4 game files I have up there. Do not unzip them or rename them!!
2) Download FinalBurn Alpha or Kawaks. Extract it.
3) Put the 4 game files in the "roms" folder.
4) Within the emulator, go to load the games by choosing "only available".
5) Choose to play the Euro or US version; either doesn't matter since they're both English. And that's it. :) Enjoy.

By default, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara only offers up to 2 players. I have directions on how to enable 4 players in the About section.

You'll be needing an arcade emulator in order to play these games. As mentioned above, the best ones are FinalBurn Alpha, Kawaks, and Mame32. I recommend trying both FinalBurn Alpha and Kawaks. FinalBurn Alpha might run games better, but Kawaks surely has cooler features. Click here for my emulators page!

Note: The ROMs provided on this page don't work with MameUI. Use Mame32.

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