Secret of Mana (US) ~1.28 MB
The original version that was officially released in the US.

Secret of Mana (Enhanced) ~1.44 MB
This was created by the great FuSoYa. First of all, click here. Those are "before and after" screen shots to show you the difference between the two games. Isn't that cool?! The text has been replaced with a less wider and more legible font, similar to Chrono Trigger's. Fusoya (the creator of this patch) took advantage of all that extra space by rewriting every line in Secret of Mana to contain more detail. Now the game has much more life. I don't even bother playing the regular version of Secret of Mana anymore. Trust me, once you go enhanced you won't go back. By the way, all the screen shots in the screen shots section were captured from this enhanced version, just because.

Secret of Mana Enhanced Version
(166 KB)

Here's the patch of the enhanced version if you prefer to patch the game yourself. It is to be applied to "Secret of Mana (US)".

Secret of Mana
Hard Mode

(669 KB)

Tired of Secret of Mana being so easy? Then apply the Hard Mode patch! Enemy and boss stats have been increased. Characters' stats, weapons and armors are weakened. There are more treasure traps. Shops are more expensive. And more changes! It's hell!!
*This patch can be applied to "Secret of Mana (US)" or "Secret of Mana (Enhanced)"!

Secret of Mana Spoof
(2.08 KB)

It's really short; it only lasts up to after you're banished from the village, but the little it has is quite humorous. I love the part about the fat kid wanting food. XD The spoof patches for Final Fantasy 5 and Chrono Trigger are much better (which I also have for download). This patch is to be applied to "Secret of Mana (US)".

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