Game Saves


Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Parasite Eve? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day! ^_^


Each save is an *.mcr file, which is compatible with any PSX emulator. Each *.mcr file contains only the specified Parasite Eve save, and all other slots are empty. These saves were captured with the NTSC version of Parasite Eve so they will not work with PAL or other versions.


I captured these saves with ePSXe, so if you're using ePSXe all you need to do is drag the save over to ePSXe's memory card folder and choose Yes to replace the file. If you currently have any saves on memory card 1, make sure to make a backup copy because replacing it will erase them.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Quick Links - Day 1 - Day 2 - Day 3 - Day 4 - Day 5 - Day 6


Day 1, Save 1: Alligator Boss - 3.52 KB

In the Carnegie Hall Sewer, right before the first boss "Alligator".


Day 2, Save 1: Beginning - 3.52 KB

The beginning of Day 2: Fusion.

Day 2, Save 2: Central Park - 3.68 KB

Just spoke with Dr. Klamp at the museum about mitochondria and had the conference at the police station. This save is in the police station. Exit and you'll head to Central Park.

Day 2, Save 3: Zoo - 3.63 KB

Just entered Central Park Zoo.

Day 2, Save 4: Amphitheater - 3.70 KB

Saved near the amphitheater. Just witnessed the cool cut scene where Eva turned the audience into mitochondria ooze.

Day 2, Save 5: Giant Worms - 3.68 KB

Saved right before the Giant Worms boss.

Day 2, Save 6: Flaming Horse - 3.70 KB

Just beat the Giant Worms boss. Next is the famous flaming horse carriage ride!


Day 3, Save 1: Beginning - 3.64 KB

The beginning of Day 3: Selection.

Day 3, Save 2: NYPD - 3.73 KB

Just entered the police station, which Eve just invaded. Go down to the room where the dogs are.

Day 3, Save 3: 1st Floor - 3.75 KB

In the police station. Just came from the dog room and learned of Sheeva's tyranny. Go up to the second floor to continue the action.

Day 3, Save 4: 2nd Floor - 3.74 KB

On the second floor of the Police Station. Continue traveling up floors to find Sheeva!


Day 4, Save 1: Beginning - 3.71 KB

The beginning of Day 4: Conception.

Day 4, Save 2: Hospital - 3.74 KB

Just entered St. Francis hospital.

Day 4, Save 3: Revisiting the Lobby - 3.84 KB

In St. Francis hospital, first floor. Just came up from the basement and now heading into the room next to the front desk that was originally locked.

Day 4, Save 4: Sperm Bank - 3.87 KB

In St. Francis hospital, 13th floor. Entered the sperm room and learned some shocking things about the past. Next go up the elevator.


Day 5, Save 1: Beginning - 3.97 KB

The beginning of Day 5: Evolution.

Day 5, Save 2: Warehouse - 3.94 KB

In the middle of the warehouse.

Day 5, Save 3: Chinatown - 3.91 KB

Just entered Chinatown.

Day 5, Save 4: Sewers - 3.95 KB

In the sewers under Chinatown, chasing after the Mitochondria blob thing.

Day 5, Save 5: Centipede Boss* - 3.97 KB

Centipede boss in the sewers!
*Note: Shortly after this boss battle you will be prompted to swap to Disc 2.

Day 5, Save 6: Museum* - 4.01 KB

Just arrived at the museum. Still chasing after the Mitochondria blob thing.
*Note: This is my first saved position on Disc 2.

Day 5, Save 7: Museum Security Room - 3.98 KB

In the museum security room. Turn off the alarm and look at the monitors.

Day 5, Save 8: Find the T-Rex - 4.01 KB

In the museum lobby. The Klamp Key has been obtained so now walk to areas of the museum that were previously behind a locked door.

Day 5, Save 9: T-Rex Defeated - 3.98 KB

The T-rex boss has been defeated. Now go find Eve!

Day 5, Save 10: Helicopter - 4.03 KB

In the helicopter at the Statue of Liberty. Just bombed the giant blob monster, then Eve oozed out of the blob's puddle.


Day 6, Save 1: Beginning - 3.95 KB

The beginning of Day 6: Liberation. The final battles ensue.