Box, cart & manual

Bahamut Lagoon came out in Japan in 1996; it's a strategy/RPG for the Super Nintendo. Ever since the birth of (close to perfected) SNES emulation, devoted Squaresoft fans have eagerly yearned for this title to be blessed in English. Various translation groups said "We'll be the ones to translate it!", but all eventually shut down or dropped the project. The enthusiasm of devoted RPG fans was crushed time and time again. Then one day, the most successful translation group and two of the best hackers/translators took the Bahamut Lagoon translation under their wing. These people are DeJap Translations, Tomato and Neill Corlett. Devoted RPG fans rejoiced and cried tears of happiness upon hearing these glorious news! In June of 2002, hell froze over and the 100% English Bahamut Lagoon patch was finally released.

Battle System

Squaresoft has combined the strategy/RPG style of Front Mission with the traditional Final Fantasy battle system. Much like Shining Force, you move around your units on an overhead-view battlefield. When you confront an enemy unit, you enter a separate scene and battle the enemy like you typically would in any Final Fantasy title. Weapons & armor can be equipped by your characters and you can purchase more from the battlefield salesman or the merchants inside your ship. Defeated enemies always leaving behind various items and/or weapons & armor. Any item in your inventory can be fed to your dragons; each item makes them grow in different ways. Each battle party has their own dragon. You have the option to let them fight whoever they want, fight enemies who are close to you or not fight at all. A dragon's most powerful element is what it will most likely use in battle. Like if fire is its strongest element then it'll attack with various fire attacks. If healing is its strongest element then it'll heal any battle unit or dragon with the lowest HP. Each character "job" has attacks which can be executed at a long distance. If more than one character in a single battle party has the same class, then a single long distance attack will be stronger and consume the MP of the character(s).

Tips & Strategy

There are several advantages and disadvantages with the selection of characters you decide to have in each battle party. Because of that, there really isn't any "wrong" combo. Let's say you have a battle party full of wizards. Their long distance attacks are quite powerful, but their movement span is small and their low defense requires you to heal them quite often. Replacing some of those wizards with Knights, Heavy Armor or a Healer will help balance things out; but you'll have to wave good-bye to strong long distance attacks. On the other hand, using long distance attacks too often won't benefit you in the long run. Attacking an enemy unit directly grants you double experience and money, plus you gain more weapons/armor/items. It all boils down to what you would rather prefer and what you're willing to sacrifice.

My Opinion

Bahamut Lagoon rulz!! =D The graphics and animation makes me piss in my pants, and it'll make you piss in your pants too, dammit. The battles are SO FUN!! Yoyo (one of the main characters) is a slutty, weak-minded whore. Even the almighty Tomato is disgusted by her. Here's a quote from his translation notes:

"She's just plain stupid, and although that's not a problem in the plot, her dialogue and stuff was so stupidly written I wanna barf. Anyway, I didn't have to try too hard to bring across her ditziness."

Heh. =P Anyway, I highly recommend this game. Just, everything about it is awesome. Ah, but the only thing I don't like about Bahamut Lagoon is that most of the dragons are so butt ugly. There's one example toward the left. It's like Slimer from Ghostbusters after three hours of sex with Monica Lewinsky. That little thing next to it is their daughter, because Monica Lewinsky is known for her quick, unnatural births. Oh and one of the old men in it, Sendak, has a crush on the main character. This scene is one example of his lust for young same-sex meat. Lol sorry, I haven't really said much about the game itself in this opinion. Not much comes to mind when I think of Bahamut Lagoon. Just, the game is awesome, go play it.