The Game

You will need a Genesis emulator to play Phantasy Star IV. You can download one from my emulators page. If you need assistance with any of the emulators offered on my site, check out my emulation help subsite: Video Game Emulation for Newbies.

Phantasy Star 4

Sega Genesis/Mega DrivePhantasy Star IV (U)

The original game we all know and love. This is the North American version. You may want to consider the ROM hacks below over this official version. There's some really good stuff available.

Download 2.25 MB

ROM Hacks

Experience Phantasy Star IV in entirely new ways with these ROM hacks! I'm distributing the hacks here in two ways: “pre-patched” and “patch”. The “pre-patched” download is the hack already applied to the game--just download and play! The “patch” download is just the patch; this is for people who insist on patching the game themselves. If you would like help with patching, check out my patching tutorial.

Phantasy Star 4 Buffix

Sega Genesis/Mega DrivePhantasy Star IV Bugfix

This patch fixes many bugs found in the game:

  • Fixes the infamous Level 99 bug.
  • Various names display correctly in battle (i.e. TORNDAGGER instead of ORNDAGGER).
  • Fixes various game-crashing bugs.
  • Fixes various typos for item names and their descriptions.
  • Fixes faulty collision detection in certain dungeons.
  • Fixes graphics and RAM corruption that occurs when Canceling menus too quickly.
  • Some armors and gears are supposed to provide resistance against physical attacks. Due to a RAM issue, they don't. This is now fixed.
  • And more!

Check the ReadMe in the zip for the list of bugfixes.

Pre-patched 2.28 MB
Patch 68.1 KB
Phantasy Star 4: A Relocalization

Sega Genesis/Mega DrivePhantasy Star IV: A Relocalization

This is a comprehensive retranslation and relocalization of Phantasy Star IV, utilizing fan-translated Phantasy Star scripts and resources and Phantasy Star team interviews. This was created by a professional writer/editor team. As SEGA never continued the Phantasy Star series after part IV, this project aimed to create a definitive, series-ending Phantasy Star experience. The following are this hack's goals:

  • Restore every mistranslated connection to the other PS games
  • Incorporate The Cutting Room Floor's retranslation notes to best express Japanese creators' intent in all dialog.
  • A more colloquial, fun, and emotional script (from NPCs to main story)
  • Add PS lore gathered from PS team interviews and official SEGA resources
  • Add depth to character personalities and relationships
  • Explain the few plot holes and character choices that had been given no in-game reasoning (see project site for details - spoilers)
  • Proper grammar and capitalization
  • Include lory1990 bugfixes (the bugfix patch above)

Visit the project website for more screenshots and “directors” notes.

Pre-patched 5.01 MB
Patch 6.26 MB
Phantasy Star 4 Hell Mode

Sega Genesis/Mega DrivePhantasy Star IV Hell Mode

This is a comprehensive hack of Phantasy Star IV. The general idea behind this mod is to have every battle be a fight for your life! Every monster has been edited to greatly raise the game's difficulty, making each battle much longer, especially late-game. And yes, despite the difficulty increase, all monsters give the same amount of experience, so, welcome to hell! It features the following:

  • All characters have an average of 3 new Techniques and 3 new Skills.
  • Many new combination attack possibilities.
  • Items with a special battle effect have had their power greatly increased.
  • Easter Eggs in regard to two of the characters unavailable at the end of the game.
  • New descriptions for equipment that did not have them.

“Normal” is the standard version of the hack and “2x Exp+Mes” is a version that doubles the experience and meseta earned from battles. This lets you enjoy the benefits of the hack without having to endure the high difficulty.

Normal Patch 2.30 MB