Trials of Mana World Map 931 KB

This beautiful map made by FatalFatNasty is fully labeled with all locations. It includes cannon, port, and Mana Stone locations. The naming is based on the North American translation of the official release of Trials of Mana.

Trials of Mana World Map PDF 469 KB

The same map from above, but in PDF format. This is intended for printing, or if you prefer browsing this map in PDF view. The text is preserved as selectable/findable.

Seiken Densetsu 3 World Map 141 KB

This is my original world map that I've always had in this shrine since the early 2000s. It's based on the naming used in the fan-based English translation. It's a simple map with all the locations labeled.

Raw World Map 584 KB

This is a raw version of the original world map from the game. It's unedited and remains in its native pixel resolution.