There isn't much to say about the characters in Arcana (without ruining the little plot the game has), so expect me to ramble on about other things.
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Playable Characters

Rooks is the main character of the game. He's a Card Master! The last of a clan of who can control elemental spirits. And he's the only male character in the game who wears a woman's hat. I wonder if he's trying to tell us something. Geez, just look at those boots! It's SO obvious.

Lol, his name is Ariel! All he needs to do now is dress up in drag and put on a mer-tale to pass for Ariel, the little mermaid. Anyway, this imitation mermaid is the villain of the game. Yeah I just spoiled it for you by saying that but hey, he reveals his true colors so early in the game. And dying his hair red would sure make him look like a little mermaid.=P He would look something like this.

Teefa is a slutty whore!! >_< She has some dirty cards up her STD-infested sleeve. Beware! But do not worry, she doesn't stay with you long. That's also good for your health because she's so dirty that she could just breath on you and you'll get an STD. I even have proof of her unbelievably slutty ways. Here's a photo of her at one of her favorite corners.

Salah! =D I wuv Salah. She is so cute! Though she looks like a warrior, her arsenal of spells makes her more like a mage. There are some moments in the game that will make you say "Aww, Salah..." For some reason she reminds me of that 80's song Mickey. Heyy Salah you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind hey Salah (snaps his fingers) hey Salah (snaps his fingers). But that SLUT, Teefa, doesn't remind me of anything. Teefa, you're such a slutty whore!!

A dwarf! Yeah, he's a dwarf. Umm... he's turned to stone at one point in the game. He fights with you a lot. And... hmm... well... did I mention he's a dwarf? ;D

It's Darwin! =D The famous Elvin magic warrior of the game. My views on him are currently conflicting because he has fallen in love with a certain friendly neighborhood WHORE. Hmm one comes to mind, but I have chosen not to reveal her slutty name.

The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer has no name! For he is... The Sorcerer! He makes a quick and awesome appearance in the beginning of the game to save your ass. But will he make another appearance? I will not tell. >:D

Elemental Spirits

(one of Rooks' four elemental spirits) Rooks starts the game with Sylph. She's a spirit of the wind element. And she is soooooo cute! =D Her Paralyze All spell rulz. OMG if you're good at drawing chibi-style anime people, I would love you forever if you send me a kawai pic of chibi Sylph!! =D My friend drew this picture for me. ^_^ Isn't it cute?!

(one of Rooks' four elemental spirits) Efrite is a spirit of the wind element. Rooks gains him in Chapter 2. He's the only elemental who learns a 1-target cure spell. He sure is one badass-lookin elemental!

(one of Rooks' four elemental spirits) Marid is a spirit of the water element. Rooks gains her in Chapter 3. She's the only elemental who learns a multiple-target cure spell. Her body looks so graceful and relaxing. Not sexually. >_< I mean, picture yourself as a water elemental. Picture your body flowing up to form a body and attacking with a blast of water could be done by just slightly waving your hand. My friend drew a human version of Marid for me. =D Isn't it cute?!

(one of Rooks' four elemental spirits) Dao is a spirit of the earth element. Rooks gains him in Chapter 4. Umm, yeah.


Besides being a lipstick lesbian, Zerel is the official evil minion of Ariel for Chapter 2.

Sauza is the official evil minion of Ariel for Chapter 3. Unlike Zerel, Sauza is an in-the-closet lipstick lesiban, hence the mask. It makes you wonder... are they just friends? Or are they more? What do they do when you have you back turned? Hrm.

Darama is the official evil minion of Ariel for Chapter 4. He's a minion of... (gasp) the underworld! So scary!

This guy is the most evilest evil guy in the game. He's really evil! More than you think. His face looks like a Halloween pumpkin.

Supporting Characters

He's the typical know-it-all old guy who tells you everything about the evil you need to face and all the stuff you need to collect to defeat him. Nothing new. =P

This lady just appears out of thin air! O_O The storyline doesn't introduce her at all. So when she appears and acts so friendly with the main characters, you're like "Oh... well, hello there! O_o "

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