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I have nowhere else in my site to put this, so I felt it was fitting to stick it here. Every enthusiast of fan translated RPGs knows about DeJap Translations. Many happy memories are tied to them. They're most known for their English translations for the incredibly popular Tales of Phantasia, Bahamut Lagoon, and Star Ocean. Alas, all good things come to an end. Besides perfecting their Star Ocean release, they have no plans to continue, for the group has dissolved. The following are their last words. Well, not their last last words, but it basically sums up that DeJap is no more. This was posted in their forums (around 7/04), so you won't find this in the site updates.

"First off, both DF and I now have access to the website. DF has been wanting to make a main page update for some time, but he hasn't been able to think of how to say what he wants to say. In the future, I may be taking over the website duties.

Essentially, what he wants to say is that DeJap is pretty much dead. As some of you may know, DF is basically the only member as of now. As some of you may also know, DF was in an accident several months ago. He's pretty much okay now, but he has to go through constant physiotherapy, which eats through his time, energy, and money. The sad fact is that he does not have the time to dedicate to any of DeJap's projects. He's been doing a bit of work on and off (mainly on Star Ocean, although there really didn't sound like there was a *lot* of stuff done), but he can't keep the whole DeJap running alone any more.

Individual projects can be handed off to other groups, but DF is also looking to see if anyone specific is willing to take them over, possibly under the DeJap umbrella. Here's a quote from his most recent communication with me.

about the projects.. let's see, I'm in the process of giving feoez to ynt(group) lead by kammedo. he's a bit reluctant but I know he'll accept eventually. kam might not accept or not accept fully, so some kind of equal partnership is available for feoez.

I've already handed over all my dq3r material to chrisrpg and I also gave him the dq5 and dq6 works. he'll be converting dq5 to non-english and hopefully will be able to finish up the last 10% of dq6 (that project has been going on about 10 years now, it's just sad). since chrisrpg is not dedicated to dq6 (only dq3) he wont be touching it this year anyway so if we could find someone to at least finish up the translation for it that would be great. many have offered, ALL have failed and quit with no reason after a couple months.

I also gave tactics ogre to chrisrpg but again it's not on his priority list so we can still find someone to help with hacking it, tho chris is enthusiact about TO a whole lo more than DQ6.

samurai "shodown", whoever wants it can have it. in fact, I've been busy/lazy and have not responded to the translators who had translations to send back to me. I think I waited so long now that they've given up and moved on and don't have the translated scripts anymore.

wedding peach: if someone tackles that game I'll laugh. my only reason for keeping it as a project is that I wanted to replace the cheesy intro music with the full orchestrated version, which is a very interested hack to do.

daikaijyu monogatari 2: if you give gideon long enough, like another year or two, he'll do this game.

tales of phantasia stays with dejap always.. it's our claim to fame. I'm still handling the delegation of multilingual translations for it though I'd prefer if someone else can do it, it takes a lot of time and management skills though.

star ocean however... I don't know anyone who can take over and manage it. sure there's lots of good hackers out there but none have the vision I do for what the "proper final patch" should be, and few would be able to understand all the work that currently makes up the modified systems, not to mention managing non-english translations (this is something that will have to be done). the voice handling part tho is easy and any reasonable hacker could take that part over.

also.. I was wondering if you could ask for people who know some psx hacking, able to modify r3000 code (or whatever the psx cpu is). there's only one squaresoft rpg on psx that never made it here which really needs a translation (soukagi) and I wanted to at least try to get a group together for it but not try to put it under the dejap banner. also for psx, I just need some help cracking a PAL game which I own to run on my NTSC psx (i.e. modifying the signal output setting which isset in code)

So... there you have it."

So there you have it. Hey so if you're interested in checking out DeJap's old site, I have it archived here. Click the thumbnail below to browse it. Of course, don't expect any of the zipped downloads to work or the 'Javascript screen shots'. This is just something I copied from

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