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Welcome to Translation Nation! The only translation news site on the net with such a cheesy name and dedicated solely to the translation projects of Super Nintendo RPGs. About half of the RPGs featured here are currently being translated to English. And please don't rely on Translation Nation for up-to-date translation news. Go to for that. The purpose of Translation Nation is to introduce to you the majority of the kick ass untranslated SNES RPGs out there with mini-reviews (based on observation) and screen shots. Don't forget, any of these games can be downloaded from the R0M sites listed in my links.



2016 Update: I am no longer updating Translation Nation. I created this subsite in the mid 2000's when the hype for fan translated SNES RPGs was very high. But now, people aren't that interested in them anymore. Still, I persisted and continued updating Translation Nation all these years well past its prime. There's no need for it anymore. Translation Nation had served its purpose well.

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