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Final Fantasy IV Game Saves for the SNES version and GBA version


Q: Game saves?

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Final Fantasy 4 for SNES or GBA? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^

Q: What are these?

These are save files for SNES and GBA...

• The SNES saves consist of SRM and ZST files. The SRM files (stands for saved RAM) are in-game saves (when you save at a save point) and they're compatible with any SNES emulator. The ZST saves are save state files that are only compatible with the "ZSNES" SNES emulator.

• The GBA saves consist of SAV and SGM files. The SAV files are in-game saves (when you save at a save point) and they're compatible with any GBA emulator. The SGM saves are save state files that are only compatible with the "Visual Boy Advance" GBA emulator.


You've got options! I have two sets of SNES saves here and one set of GBA saves. (Note: They're all based on the NA releases)

1. Jackie's SNES Saves
Jackie, the webmistress of, collected 'perfect' game saves for the SNES version. 'Perfect' in the sense that she sufficiently leveled up all her characters, found all the secrets, and went through all the side quests. The majority of her saves also include a 'God Mode' option that have everything maxed out. She offers both SRM saves and ZST states.

2. My SNES Saves
I collected my own set of saves for the SNES version. My saves aren't perfect like Jackie's. If you just want a regular, casual playthrough of Final Fantasy IV, then my saves are for you. Also, I collected more saves than Jackie so I have more game positions to offer. As for formats, I only offer SRM saves.

3. Jackie's GBA Saves
Jackie collected another perfect collection of game saves, this time for the GBA version. It's the same deal as the SNES saves: they're perfect, she offers 'God Mode' alternatives, and she offers both SAV and SGM saves.

Picture of character art

SNES saves only work with FF4 Retranslation!

If you've checked out this whole site you would know I talk quite a bit about the FF4 Retranslation. Well, the SNES saves were grabbed from it, so they'll only work with the FF4 Retranslation. Why? Because everyone who plays SNES FF4 through video game emulation uses the FF4 Retranslation.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

The Saves

Game Save #1 - 1.57 KB
Slot 1 - Beginning of Misty Cave.
Slot 2 - Beginning of Watery Pass.
Slot 3 - Beginning of Antlion's Cave.
Slot 4 - Beginning of Mt. Hobs.

Game Save #2 - 2.19 KB
Slot 1 - In front of Fabul. Enter and talk to the king.
Slot 2 - Near Fabul, next to the ship. Enter it to begin the voyage.
Slot 3 - Beginning of Mt. Ordeals.
Slot 4 - Next to Baron. Enter the town and enter the western building (below Cid's house) to find the secret passage to enter Baron Castle.

Game Save #3 - 2.38 KB
Slot 1 - Beginning of Cave of Power. Defeat the Dark Elf to get the Crystal of Earth.
Slot 2 - Next to Toroia. Enter the airship to fly up and enter Goblez's airship.
Slot 3 - Near the end of Goblez's airship. Prepare to battle against the three Magus Sisters!
Slot 4 - Next to Agart. Enter the airship and fly into the dark hole surrounded by mountains to enter the underworld.

Game Save #4 - 2.32 KB
Slot 1 - In front of Tower of Bab-il. Enter and conquer!
Slot 2 - Towards the end of Tower of Bab-il.
Slot 3 - In front of Cave of Eblana. Enter.
Slot 4 - Midway through Tower of Bab-il (revisited).

Game Save #5 - 2.43 KB
Slot 1 - In front of the Sealed Cave. Enter and conquer!
Slot 2 - Midway through the Sealed Cave.
Slot 3 - In front of Mysidia. Enter and the Big Whale will be conjured.
Slot 4 - On the Moon. Enter the cave. You'll be going through a few caves until you reach Lunar's Lair where you'll find FuSoYa. Beforehand I went through the Land of the Summon Monsters and obtained Ashura and Leviathan. I also got Excalibur for Cecil.

Game Save #6 - 2.09 KB
Slot 1 - In front of the Home of the Lunarians. Enter and recruit Fusoya.
Slot 2 - On the moon next to the Big Whale. Enter it and go back to Earth. Upon landing, a neato sequence will immediately begin with the Giant Of Bab-il making its entrance.
Slot 3 - Inside the Giant Of Bab-il at the last save point. Walk north to enter a boss battle with the Four Fiends.
Slot 4 - Inside the Giant Of Bab-il at the last save point (same one as Slot 3) except the Four Fiends have been defeated. Walk further into the Giant Of Bab-il to enter another boss battle.

Game Save #7 - 2.64 KB
Slot 1 - In front of the Home of the Lunarians. Enter and go to the center of the crystal room to teleport to the Moon's Core. Beforehand, I obtained Bahamut and Odin for Rydia.
Slot 2 - The first save point in the Moon's Core. Exit the room south and walk east to find the Ragnarok sword for Cecil. Of course, the sword wants to test you in battle first.
Slot 3 - The final save point. Exit the room and walk east and you'll eventually come across the final area where Zeromus is.
Slot 4 - <disregard>

Ending States - 256 KB
Final Fantasy 4.zst - In the final room where Zeromus is. Walk forward to begin the sequence with Fusoya and Goblez battling Zeromus.
Final Fantasy 4.zs1 - The final battle with Zeromus. Have Cecil use "Crystal" so that Zeromus can reveal his true form for the real final battle to begin.
Final Fantasy 4.zs2 - The ending.

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