Game  Saves

Q: Game saves?

Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Sailor Moon RPG? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^

Q: What are these?

Each save is an *.srm file (compatible with any SNES emulator). Each *.srm file contains two saved games (a save in each slot).

More info within

Contained in these zip archives are text files containing a detailed description about each save. This description lists the save's location, current status of the plot, current character levels, current equipment, current inventory, and current GP.


Oh, I wasn't the one who obtained these saves. Each and every game save and the information in each zip archive is all thanks to the one known as "OhNoMelon" from my forum.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Chapter 1: Her Destiny

Save #1 - Usagi's Room

[Slot 1] Usagi's room; there is a disturbance in the town. Luna wants Usagi to investigate the cause.

[Slot 2] OSA-P Jelwery Store; made up links for characters. Just defeated a Diamon.

Save #2 - Tokyo Station

[Slot 1] Tokyo Station; Diamons have appeared. Go inside the bullet train.

[Slot 2] Hikawa Shrine; get the phone.

Save #3 - Juuban Hospital

[Slot 1] Juuben Hospital; head back to Usagi's house.

[Slot 2] Game Center; head back to Usagi's house.

Save #4 - Hikawa Shrine

[Slot 1] Hikawa Shrine; defeated the youma at Usagi's house. Go to the fire room.

[Slot 2] Switzerland; locate the Hi stones of the four generals.

Chapter 2: Mercury's Scenario

Save #5 - Schwartz Cave

[Slot 1] Schwarts Cave; find the doctor.

[Slot 2] Schwartz Cave; go back to Kainess Village with the pervert doctor.

Save #6 - Kainess Village

[Slot 1] Kainess Village; find Halyomoss in the cave behind where you find the doctor.

[Slot 2] Schwartz Cave; go deeper into the cave.

Save #7 - Nabu Cave

[Slot 1] Kainess Village; came back to give the moss to the doctor. Go to the cave located north of Schwartz Cave.

[Slot 2] Nabu Cave; find the Hi stone.

Save #8 - Nepal

[Slot 1] Nabu Cave; did some leveling. Lvl 14 wasn't good enough to take on Nabu.

[Slot 2] Nepal; beginning of Rei's scenario.

Chapter 2: Mars' Scenario

Save #9 - Yaga Village

[Slot 1] Yaga Village; go to the elder's house.

[Slot 2] Lasa Village; did some much needed level up. Go inside the temple to find the high priest.

Save #10 - Lasa Village

[Slot 1] Lasa Village; encountered Nergal, who took Faregg with her. Go back to Yaga Village for now.

[Slot 2] Northern Cave; find the entrance to Kritayuga.

Save #11 - Kritayuga

[Slot 1] Kritayuga; find Nergal and defeat her.

[Slot 2] Canada; find the Hi stone.

Chapter 2: Jupiter's Scenario

Save #12 - Medias Village

[Slot 1] Medias Village; look for Mary in the village to the east.

[Slot 2] Mishii Village; look around the mansion.

Save #13 - Protection Tree

[Slot 1] Medias Village; retrieve Nephrite stone from the giant tree.

[Slot 2] Medias Village; defeated Marduk. Visit George's father to get the stone back.

Save #14 - Turkey

[Slot 1] Mishii Village; go to the mansion.

[Slot 2] Mishii Village; find the Hi stone.

Chapter 2: Venus' Scenario

Save #15 - Rias Village

[Slot 1] Rias Village; speak to everyone in the town.

[Slot 2] Rias Village; leave the village and head for Sairel Village.

Save #16 - Sariel Village

[Slot 1] Sariel Village; talk to the villagers.

[Slot 2] Sariel Village; look for Radina in Zagsen. Leave the village and take the upper left route.

Save #17 - Zagsen Castle

[Slot 1] Sariel Village; changed equipments for better speed against enemies in castle. Did some minor leveling.

[Slot 2] Zagsen Castle; head right to meet Radina.

Save #18 - Zagsen Castle (more)

[Slot 1] Zagsen Castle; go back to Kunzite's statue in Rias Village.

[Slot 2] Rias Village; restored the people in Rias Village. Now head for the cave in the north that were blocked by two petrified people.

Chapter 3: The Bazazuishou

Save #19 - Infinity Academy

[Slot 1] Beginning of Chapter 3; Chibi-Usa's scenario begins. All the other senshi have collected the Hi stones.

[Slot 2] Infinity Academy; the Barazuishou could be in this area - find it.

Save #20 - Usagi's House

[Slot 1] Infinity Academy; go to the Sick Room on second floor to treat Momo.

[Slot 2] Usagi's House; Chibi-Usa is trapped in an area with an unconscious Anshar.

Save #21 - Tomoe Labs

[Slot 1] Collector's Item Shop; head south to find Tomoe Labs.

[Slot 2] Tomoe Labs; head for the south entrance to find Dr. Tomoe.

Save #22 - Tomoe Labs (more)

[Slot 1] Tomoe Labs, basement; find Dr. Tomoe.

[Slot 2] Usagi's House; Usagi decided to go back to Tomoe Labs to investigate Dr. Tomoe's revival.

Save #23 - Evil Forest

[Slot 1] Evil Forest; find Chibi-Usa in the Forest.

[Slot 2] Evil Forest; find Chibi-Usa located north of the forest.

Save #24 - D-Point Cave

[Slot 1] Evil Forest; head into the north cave.

[Slot 2] D-Point Cave; head deeper into the cave to meet an old enemy.

Chapter 4: Hostility and Friends

Save #25 - Mamorou's Apartment

[Slot 1] Usagi's House; Chibi-Usa is sulking for losing the important item.

[Slot 2] Mamoru's Apartment; sleepyhead is up now. Visit him to advance the story.

Save #26 - Time Space Door

[Slot 1] Time Space Door; travel back to the past to prevent it from being tempered with.

[Slot 2] Tower of Time; defeated Nergal. Locate Sailor Pluto.

Save #27 - Tower of Time

[Slot 1] Tower of Time; navigate through the maze to find Pluto.

[Slot 2] Tower of Time; did some leveling up. Continue through the maze.

Save #28 - Hikawa Shrine

[Slot 1] Hikawa Shrine; go to the book store in Juuban and talk to the manager. After getting the book, go back to the shrine.

[Slot 2] Black Moon UFO; the senshi are split into groups. Usagi is investigating the UFO while the others look for Sea of Serenity.

Save #29 - Black Moon UFO

[Slot 1] Black Moon UFO; did some leveling up.

[Slot 2] Sariel Village; search for Demando in the past.

Save #30 - Sariel Village

[Slot 1] Sariel Village; did some shopping. Also changed group members. Head for the Transport Cave to advance the story.

[Slot 2] Sariel Village; defeated Rubius. Came back to change party members. Head for theTransport Cave.

Save #31 - North Pole

[Slot 1] North Pole; at the Inn near Earth Palace. Explore the area and the next for some clues.

[Slot 2] North Pole; Beryl's Palace. Just exploring. Head inside the palace.

Save #32 - Beryl Palace

[Slot 1] North Pole; Beryl's Palace. Didn't find out much about Barazuishou from Beryl, so leave this place.

[Slot 2] Kainess Village; doing optional side quest. Explore the Nabu cave for a dragon. When done, head back to the North Pole and enter the Earth Palace.

Save #33 - Optional Quest

[Slot 1] Kainess Village; obtained accessory Red Pupil. Head back to North Pole.

[Slot 2] Village near the Earth Palace; head inside the palace to look for the Barazuishou.

Save #34 - Moon Kingdom

[Slot 1] Moon Kingdom; discovered nothing of importance at the Earth Palace. Explore the kingdom for clues.

[Slot 2] Moon Kingdom; spoke to the queen and picked up a few times. Now leave and come back.

Save #35 - Ruined Moon Kingdom

[Slot 1] Sariel Village; Sailor Moon has been taken by Demando. Locate her in the basement of Moon Palace by stepping on the moon symbol. But first, level up.

[Slot 2] Ruined Moon Kingdom; did some leveling up and bought some items.

Save #36 - Ruined Moon Kingdom (more)

[Slot 1] Ruined Moon Kingdom; changed party members.

[Slot 2] Ruined Moon Kingdom; defeated Black Lady. Head back underground.

Chapter 5: After the Battle

Save #37 - Mamoru's Apartment

[Slot 1] End of chapter 4; obtained Barazuishou.

[Slot 2] Mamoru's apartment; to advance the story, head back to Usagi's house. Otherwise, go to Harumi Docks for some itmes or sell off some of your rares.

Save #38 - Usagi's House

[Slot 1] Usagi's home; sold some rare items. Defeated Kishal. Head to Hikawa Shrine.

[Slot 2] Hikawa Shrine; went on a shopping spree. Enter the fire room and be prepared for a long scene.

Save #39 - Dark Castle

[Slot 1] Dark Castle; the group is split into 2.

[Slot 2] Dark Castle; leveling.

Save #40 - Crystal Tokyo

[Slot 1] Crystal Tokyo shop the scene switches back to Chibi-Usa's group.

[Slot 2] Crystal Tokyo shop; leveling.

Save #41 - Crystal Tokyo (more)

[Slot 1] Crystal Tokyo shop; all the bosses at the crystal points are all defeated.

[Slot 2] Time Space Door; go after Apsu in the Tower of Time.

Save #42 - Crystal Palace

[Slot 1] Crystal Palace; defeat Apsu for the final time to wrap things up. But better do some leveling first.

[Slot 2] Crystal Palace; finished leveling. Go on to fight the final battle!