Tokyo (161 KB)
Full Map
Chapter 2
Mercury's Scenario (106 KB)
Glacier, 1st Cave, 2nd Cave
Chapter 2
Mars' Scenario (126 KB)
Temple, Canyon, Cave
Chapter 2
Jupiter's Scenario (130 KB)
Forest, Cave
Chapter 2
Venus' Scenario (106 KB)
Main Cave, Cave, Shrine, Castle


Chibi Usa's Forest (102 KB)

The Metallic Cave (73.8 KB)

The North Pole (60.7 KB)

Silver Millennium:
Before & After (75.1 KB)

Crystal Tokyo (72.4 KB)
World Map (31 KB)


>> Most Maps from the Game! (5.73 MB)

One of the people who worked on translating Sailor Moon RPG, known as FuSoYa, created a map editor for the game. It lets you view every map, change around points where you enter/leave maps, and even rip out maps. Check out FuSoYa's site if you want it. So I used this program to rip out practically every map in the game, converted them to PNG, and put them in the above zip file. Note that a few maps have weird color distortions, which couldn't be helped because that's how FuSoYa's map editor displays them. Anyhow, enjoy! ^_^