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My Description:  Wizards!  Their attack spells are weak, but can gain more power if you keep them together in the same unit.  In direct battle, spells can be casted upon one or all targets.  You'll especially love how their spells interact with the landscape.  If you use a fire spell on bushes or forests then it'll light on fire, which can damage whoever stands on it.  Ice spells can make bridges across water.  Lightning spells can destroy walls, buildings and various other structures.  Its kind of sexist to have all the Wizards as females. >_<  Women could fit in other classes too, like heavy armor.  Squaresoft should've had more variety!


Black Magic:

Flame Gaze - Fire damage
Ice Magice - Water damage
Thunder Gale - Physical thunder damage
Bionics - Poison damage
Energy Drain - Life-elemental damage and drains HP from targets
Earthquake - Earth damage
Armageddon - Holy damage
Halley Gazer - Dark damage
Uni Magic - Neutral damage (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only)
Mystery Magic - Neutral damage (Unknown Form/Behemoth only)


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My Description:  Priests are only good for healing.  Keep them together so long distance heal spells are stronger.  Their Sleep spell is quite effective; you might want to use it against a strong battle party or those annoying enemy healers which never stop healing.  Priests are a must to have around if you ever want to purify those annoying poisonous swamps for walking across.


White Magic:

White Drug - Heals HP
Cleanup - Heals all status ailments
Sleep - Attempts to put target to sleep
Exorcism - Attempts to instantly kill target
Return Life - If the target is dead, recovers with at least half HP
Starfall - Earth damage
Big Burst - Holy damage
Infinity - Dark damage
Uni Magic - Neutral damage (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only)
Mystery Magic - Heal allies (Unknown Form/Behemoth only)


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Zora's Son




My Description:  Lancers are pretty cool.  Their Lance attacks damage all targets in an enemy party and they use up little MP.  Keep them together so their long distance attacks cause more damage.



Flame Dust - Fire damage
Ice Dust
- Water damage
Thunder Dust
- Thunder damage
Poison Dust
- Poison damage
Drug Dust
- Life-elemental damage and drains HP from targets
Earth Dust
- Earth damage
Saint Dust
- Holy damage
Dark Dust
- Dark damage
Uni Dust
- Neutral damage (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only)
? Dust - Neutral damage (Unknown Form/Behemoth only)


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My Description:  Mini-Devils suck.  Their random powers are weak and useless.  I've been told their powers are much stronger towards the end of the game, but they still wouldn't be efficient enough since they're random.  The only time they're useful is in the beginning of the game when they use their blizzard dance,  which can freeze a lake with the same large radius that Leviathan (one of the dragons) does.


Devil Dance:

Aquastorm - Ice-elemental attack
Breath Wing - Non-elemental attack
Damage All - Poison-elemental attack on both allies and enemies
Earth Shake - Earth-elemental attack
Fire Breath - Fire-elemental attack
Flamethrower - Fire-elemental attack
Gastric Juice - Life-elemental damage and drains HP from enemies
Heal - Heals HP of both enemies and allies
Heal Enemy Party - Heals HP of enemies
Megavolt - Thunder-elemental attack
MP Damage - Reduces MP of enemies
Mr. Gunfire - Thunder-elemental attack
Nightmare - Takes off 50% of current HP of target(s)
Nightmare 99 - Takes off 75% of current HP of target
Poison Powder - Poison-elemental attack
Power Dance - Heals party's HP
Roll - Earth-elemental attack
Seductive Smile - Attempts to put enemies to sleep
Spore - Poison-elemental attack
Super Secret Attack - Thunder-elemental attack
Toxic Ink - Non-elemental damage
Winter Visit - Ice-elemental attack


Reggae/Fright Dance:

Bagdem - Non-elemental attack
Complete Heal All - Heals all HP and MP for every unit on the field
(^this is the only way to heal dragons' MP!)
Damage All - Poison-elemental attack on both allies and enemies
Frog All - Takes off 25% of current HP of every single unit on the battlefield
Gigashock - Non-elemental attack
Heal All - Heals HP for both allies and enemies
Heal Enemy Party - Heals enemies' HP
MP Damage - Reduces enemies' MP
Ragnarok - Non-elemental attack
(^can be used in the field only for Reggae, but both field and battle for Fright)
Super Secret Attack - Thunder-elemental attack.


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My Description:  These are secret characters.  You'll find both of them hiding behind barrels within that resistance base of the desert town.  Assassins are like Wizards but their abilities are somewhat limited.  They're a good choice if you ever want to want a character who's a strong fighter and almost like a Wizard.  But much like with Wizards, the abilities of the Assassins are weak.  The only ability that's useful is the Chakra skill which heals all the characters who are standing nearby.



Burn - Fire damage
Blizzard - Water damage
Raiden - Thunder damage
Assassinate - Attempts to kill target
Trick - Attempts to put targets to sleep
Landmine - Earth damage
Chakra - Heals HP for targets
Unsheathe - Attempts to kill targets
Uni Ninjutsu - Neutral damage (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only)
Imitate - Neutral damage (Unknown Form/Behemoth only)


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