- Supporting Characters -

Mayfair is the woman that plays priest throughout the whole game. Except when the Shining Force is split up temporarily during the middle of the game. When you're at camp she can do all the things that priests do for you, use all the item features (use, give, etc.), and change characters in your army. She plays a major role in the storyline. During most of the scenes between battles, she does most of the talking. I like Mayfair, she's my personal hero and role-model. She makes several appearances in the animated map on the main page. Why? Because she rules!! I love you Mayfair!

The ever-so-famous merchant. His role in the story is to sell you items and weapons; fix broken rings and weapons; and buy items or weapons that you want to sell for a profit. He pays you quite a bundle for rare items and weapons. And he sure looks like he's stoned right now. It looks like he's staring into space and watching all the pretty colors. He probably gets high off all those medical herbs.

- The Bad Guys -

The evil bulldog-looking villain, he is Iom's right hand man and he enforces the mighty Iom's commands to his evil minions of darkness. Even though he's one of the major villains, he doesn't seem to do much. All he does is ramble on about Iom and command his minions to do his bidding. What a lazy villain. Shame on you, Warderer! Get off your lazy ass and do something about the meddling Shining Force!

This creepy-looking guy with huge eyes is Gordon. He took the form of the king after the king was sacrificed to Iom. When the Shining Force arrives to the castle, he reveals his true form and confesses to his crimes before he escapes leaving the castle in rubble. His eyes look so creepy!

Solo is in charge of all the evil soldiers in Algam Fort. You have to fight him when you reach Iom Castle. Bleh! He's so ugly and scary. He looks like he's dead. He doesn't like Barbara too much. Ahh! He's so ugly and scary!!

Barbara is an Iom general. She's quite an annoying villain. You have to fight her when you reach Iom's Shrine. She hates Solo with a passion. She's so evil. She's a slutty whore too! Barbara, you slutty whore!! Slutty slutty WHORE!!!

Another Iom general--or is he. In the end of the game he reveals his true form and confesses to a secret that involves Deanna. What could it be?? What is Hindel hiding?? Muahaha!!  I won't tell you. I want you to suffer from suspense. Suffer!! Muahahahahaaaaaaa!!!

The evil villain of the game, Iom has a lot of followers that you must defeat in order to get to him. He's a very powerful demon along with many annoying minions. It's seems like every powerful demon has their own band of annoying minions. I want my own band of annoying minions too, damn it! Don't you?

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