Did you accidentally delete your saved game in Shining Force: Final Conflict? Do you want to skip certain parts of the game? Do you want to search for specific game sprites to capture? Whatever the case may be, these game saves are here to save the day. ^_^


Each zip file contains a *.sav file and an *.S00 file. The SAV file is compatible with any Game Gear emulator. The S00 file is a saved state that only works with "MekaW", the #1 emulator for Game Gear.


I have step-by-step directions in my Game Saves Tutorial.

Battle 03 - 32.7 KB
The old guy has just been kidnapped. Exit the town to fight the third battle.

Battle 04 - 32 KB
Exit the town to fight the bridge battle against the infamous Kraken.

Battle 05 - 32.1 KB
The battle in the bandit cave.

Battle 06 - 32.6 KB
The battle on Volcannon's mountain.

Battle 07 - 33 KB
The begins chapter 2. This is the battle in the cave that Volcannon told you to go through.

Battle 08 - 30.8 KB
The battle at Pacalon, the city of centaurs.

Battle 09 - 33.6 KB
After the battle in Pacalon. The blue birdman and female centaur just joined.

Battle 10 - 32.9 KB
The town of Moun has been invaded - save it!

Battle 11 - 33.5 KB
The boss battle against the major henchman, Magus!

Battle 12 - 33.6 KB
The beginning of Chapter 3. The super cute Wizardess Minto just joined. This is the battle at the waterfall where the monks are.

Battle 14 - 33.7 KB
The battle outside Eiko's fortress. Everyone is promoted.

Battle 15 - 30.8 KB
The battle inside of Eiko's fortress to battle against Eiko.

Battle 16 - 35.4 KB
The desert battle against Meshiela.

Battle 17 - 34.4 KB
The field battle against Lynx.

Battle 18 - 34 KB
The battle in Galam castle.

Battle 19 - 34.9 KB
The battle right outside the tower with the sexy ords.

Battle 20 - 35.7 KB
The battle in front of the tower against Max.

Battle 21 - 35.7 KB
Ah, the battle against Mishaela, the final battle - or is it? I did several practice battles and leveled everyone up pretty high.