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Shining Force: Final Conflict is the 3rd segment of the Shining Force Game Gear series. It was released in 1995 in Japan, and has since stayed as a Japan-only game. Although Final Conflict was released after Shining Force 2, it's actually set between Shining Force and Shining Force 2. It is loaded with fan service in its cross-overs in the characters and its plot.

Around 2000 someone released an English script translation of Final Conflict. Fan translators attempted to implement the English script into the game time and time again, but to no avail, for the game's dialogue utilized a complex form of compression that no one was able to crack. The #1 Shining Force site, Shining Force Central, strived and persisted to crack the compression. Eventually they accomplished it and in August of 2005 they released the official unofficial English translation. Thanks to their efforts we can finally play Final Conflict in full English!

My Opinion

The plot is excellent. The cross-overs in the characters are very exciting. The fan service is just... wow. What's interesting about the challenge is that its rather spiratic. For the most part, the game is easy as any other Shining Force game is. Then at random moments the challenge will spike up and bite you, resulting in the deaths of 2-4 characters! Hehe, yikes. It's cool, though. This is an excellent game. It's refreshing to play a new Game Gear Shining Force title since I've beaten Sword of Hajya a gazillion times. If you're a devote Shining Force fan then I highly recommend Final Conflict.