Unlimited Money Trick

1) Go to the Weapons shop in Yamasu
2) Sell the Royal Ring (For 2500 orams)
3) Buy the Pretty Ring (Bottom one for 10 orams)
4) Repeat

Note: Once in your inventory, the Pretty Ring turns into the Royal Ring But if you buy more than one, only one will be the Royal Ring and the rest will stay as Pretty Rings

Secret Bow Waza

There is one tech that doesn't really fit into any category. It's a Bow tech called "Inner-eye Random Arrow" (18 WP). If a character has the status ailment of "Blind" and attempts to use "Random Arrow" (2 WP) then instead they will use "Inner-eye Random Arrow" which has a 100% Hit Rate and is rather expensive.

Keep the Dream Jewel

While in Muse's nightmare, give the "Dream Jewel" to Sharl and then bring his LP down to zero. Finish the dream and when you wake up, Sharl will be alive and will also have the "Dream Jewel" in his inventory.

9999 Damage to Dragons

Here's a way you can do quite a bit of damage (9999) to dragon-type enemies: equip the Frozen Sword, Flame Mantle (Fire Guardian drops this), or cast "Self-Burning". Also equip one of those magic attack scrolls that you probably just throw away. When you get into battle choose to attack with the scroll and if the enemy physically attacks you before you move then SOCKO! Only works on dragon-type enemies though.

Get 2 Seven Star Swords

This is neat. First, make sure you have the Seven Star Sword and you have NOT learned its built-in tech, Starburst. Second, you must have Harid in your group. Third, get into the "Tiger Cave" formation and place Harid like so:


Equip the Seven Star Sword in Harid's second weapon slot and remove any other weapons he has. Fight in Commander Mode and have your characters fight using Concentrate (to choose Concentrate push Y-button when you get into battle and choose the first option). When Harid eventually learns Starburst, another Seven Star Sword will appear in his scimitar weapon slot (if not, reset and try again). It will have an attack power of 60 but if you remove it, then its attack power will go back to 35. Oh and don't use "Star Stream" with your new Seven Star Sword or it'll go back to normal.

Easy Way through Jungle South of Ake

Just find an up-down part and keep going through it and eventually you should be in the fire palace to beat Aunas.

Auto Level Up

In the Crystal Ruins there is a room with some slimes that multiply. If you have a rapid fire controller, it's possible to leave your party to fight overnight and when you come back, your party's strength will have increased considerably. (check Town/Place Reference at the beginning of this guide to find out where the Crystal Ruins are)

Barehand Catch

Apparently, you can use the Big Sword waza "Barehand Catch" (7 WP) to increase your chances of stealing an enemy's weapon. If they attack you and the waza works, there's a chance that you'll swipe the enemies weapon (provided it's a weapon you can swipe) and smack them with it. You think you can use it to swipe just about any of the rare weapons except for the Dragon's Smaug and any bows. Try swiping the Giant's Triple Sword in the Earth Abyss. One thing though, make sure you have a free weapon slot on your character or you won't steal anything.

Always have 60,000 G

Well, this is actually a cheat rather than a secret, it's a ZSNES CHT file; click here to download it. As mentioned in the title, this cheat will make it so that you will always have 60,000 G. No more struggling with RS3's tedious money system! :) To make this cheat work is quite easy. Just toss the CHT file and the FRM file into the same place where your RS3 R0M is. Then rename both the CHT file and the FRM file to the same name as your RS3 R0M. For example, if your RS3 R0M is called "rsaga3.fig", then rename the CHT file to "rsaga3.cht" and the FRM file to "rsaga3.frm".