World Map ~ Tower of the Demon King ~ Offering Cave ~ Ancient Ruins

The World Map
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Pretty much all of these places can only be found by talking to a specific person, by doing a specific action or by going through a specific event. Exciting, eh? ;D Feel free to point out to me mistakes I made with this map or things that I'm missing. If you're struggling to figure out how to reach a certain place then just use the Find feature while browsing a RS3 walkthrough.

The Tower of the Demon King (107 KB)

Q: Damn it!! I've been wandering around for HOURS and I STILL can't find that little near-sighted brat!
That side-quest is annoyingly beautiful. It gives me many non-sexual pleasures and desires. See that spot on my map that says "JUMP!" Well go there and do that. Beyond that spot is where the boy is hiding. He could've easily hid in an obvious spot, but nooo he just had to hide in butt-fucking Egypt.

The Offering Cave
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Q: Help! I can't beat the rats!
A: Of course you can't. No one can! Why? Because you need to run from that battle. Bwahaha!

Q: Help!! I escaped from the rates but now I can't leave the cave! That guy locked me in!! That evil bastard!!!
A: Of course he did. You can't leave just yet! You need to run around the cave and wait a while. That evil man will eventually leave and a girl will rescue you. And then the plot thickens! When you go back to that town and talk to the evil man who tried to kill you, he'll tell you that the girl who rescued you is being sacrificed to the rats. So now you have the option to go back into the cave and defeat the rats to save the girl.

Q: Help!!! I can't beat the rats to try and save that girl!
A: Those nasty rats hit pretty hard. Fight them when you're around 300 HP.

The Ancient Ruins
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Q: What the heck do I do when I reach the end of the Ancient Ruins? I say any prayer for 4 skeletons and then nothing happens.
A: You need to learn the "Prayer of Death" to get through the ancient caves. I believe you learn it the first time you go down in the Demon Palace, I don't exactly remember though.