Main Characters

[ Julian ][ Thomas ][ Mikhail ][ Harid ][ Sarah ][ Ellen ][ Monica ][ Katrina ]


Recruit at: Roanne Castle, first floor, in a small room to the right of the throne room. If your main character is Mikhail, you can get Julian whenever you want. Otherwise you have to be on route to defeating the Wind Abyss Guardian to get him. (That is after beating 1 Abyss Guardian, talk to the pub owner in Vanguard. Roanne will show on the map again.) Once the Wind Abyss Guardian is defeated, Roanne Castle won't be open anymore. If you want Julian, take him and keep him. He will automatically be in the party in Monica's scenario.

Background Info: Julian originally hails from Pidona. He grew up with Ellen and Thomas as best friends and Sara as a sort of little sister. Not much is known about his family since he never talks about himself. He's the kind of guy to charge head-first without thinking of the consequences. He has a liking for Ellen whom he has known for a long time. Once Harid and Katalina leave Roanne, Julian becomes Monica's new bodyguard.

Other Info: Julian is the best short sword user in the game. He gains sword skill like mad. It's likely that his sword skill will be or become higher than anyone else's, even if he is trained in another weapon in the meantime. In my Julian save #1, I have both Harid and Julian on the team. Harid has sword level 31 from using nothing but swords while Julian has sword level 31, fist level 25, Sun Magic level 15 and Fire Magic level 10. His HP is always very high. On the downside, he takes twice as long to master any waza. He seems to gain counterattack waza easiest. I don't know if his levels are outdated when you get him later on. Definitely get him if you want a short swords user other than Harid.


Recruit at: To be exact, Pidona slums in the bottom left house. Normally the character won't enter that house. To get inside, go to Thomas' House in northern Pidona. Thomas' old father will rush to you. After a few seconds he'll move away. Go to the top left room and talk to Thomas. He won't join yet. Leave and go south. You'll see Thomas leave. Go in the southern armor shop. You'll see Thomas head to the slums. Then go into the bottom left house. He's inside. In Ellen and Sara's scenario, Thomas can be picked up at Roanne Bar, but he will leave once reaching Pidona.

Background Info: Originally from Pidona, Thomas was been raised by an rich, grouchy man. For most part his childhood has been happy with Julian, Ellen and Sara. Now that he is older, he is ready to take on his father's business. The old man requested two things from Thomas - that he sees the world and to find Muse. He is light and breezy in both appearance and personality. There is nothing heavy about him. More calm than Julian, Thomas thinks before he acts.

Other Info: Why does everyone think Thomas sucks? He's awesome! So he STARTS weak, but he shoots up later in the game. Thomas' default is a merchant class so he will gain weapon and magic skill quickly. His favorite weapon is a spear but he can also be used as a Bow user. As an NPC, Thomas will automatically have the Squall spell. On the downside he has dexterity as good as Ellen (who is bad to begin with) and he's not very strong. He makes a very good magic user as he will gain WP faster than most. Get him if you want a spear user other than Sharl and Nora, a bow user other than Sara or Paul, and a water magic user other than Undine. Thomas needs to be in the party to get Fullbright to show up.


Recruit at: Roanne Castle. That means to get him you have to be en route to the Wind Abyss Guardian. He won't join Monica when she is in the castle. If Monica is in the party, Mikhail will get embarrassed and force her to leave.

Background Info: Mikhail has ascended the Roanne throne at a young age. Ever since he was young he has been surrounded with kindness and love. He sees the highest values of society around. Mikhail can be a bit snobbish when it comes to his values.

Other Info: Despite his big reputation of being handsome, intelligent, and kind, Mikhail can be a snob. Tatsiyana and probably Monica can't be recruited if you're playing his scenario. The neat thing about Mikhail, so I heard, is that you can get two sets of everything from the Pidona blacksmiths. Battle wise, he is the epitome of average. There is nothing really special about Mikhail. Although he's one of the strongest characters to START with, later on everyone surpasses him. He specializes in rapiers. As an NPC, Mikhail comes with Sun Magic. That comes in handy if you don't already have a Sun user to do multi-magic techs.


Recruit at: The big mansion in western Lance. In Ellen's scenario, he can be recruited in Roanne Bar I think. I forgot how to get to Lance too. Lance shows up on the map sometime after Wood's sub quest.

Background Info: Harid has a neat story. He was once a prince but his kingdom was overthrown by a new government. They separated Harid from the princess and threw him out of his kingdom. Now Harid is a traveling swordsman out for revenge against the new government.

Other Info: Harid is DA MAN! He is the strongest main character to start with. Unlike most, he remains a very good character. Specializing in the kamsheen and short swords, his speed will come in handy. His first weapon slot must always have a kamsheen. This may be a bad thing since unless you're playing Harid's scenario, the strongest kamsheen he'll get will have an attack power of 24 (from Pidona blacksmiths). His Demirune waza comes in handy. Get Harid if you want a sword user other than Mr. Julian.


Recruit at: Pidona bar in Ellen, Thomas, and Harid's scenario. Otherwise Sara will be in Pidona - the middle room in Thomas' house. Sara is one of the easier characters to get.

Background Info: Ellen's younger sister. Sara is a very quiet, shy individual. Since childhood she has always followed Ellen around, hiding behind her for protection. Sara frightens easily. Along with her weak constitution, she relies heavily on Ellen for help. She is quiet around Julian but she likes him treating her kindly. The only other person that doesn't frighten Sara is Thomas. Now that she is older, she wants to see the world. Little does she know that she will become involved with the abyss gates and a young boy...

Other Info: Keep in mind that if you want Sara as an NPC, she'll be gone after the fourth Abyss Guardian's defeat (the Abyss Guardians can be defeated in any order). Now if you still want Sara, keep in mind she'll be pretty weak HP wise, attack wise and defense wise. Sara gains bow waza quickly. As one can tell, Sara's favorite weapon is bow user. Although, Paul is better. She is better as a magic user. I think her kick is the coolest but anyway... ^_^ Only get Sara to join if you absolutely want her so bad you're going to die, to recruit Shonen early, or to get the Hunter Shift formation.


Recruit at: Lance. Nothing too hard about getting Ellen apart from finding Lance. As said above, I forgot how to get to Lance. In Harid, Thomas and Sara's scenarios, Ellen (and Sara) will join in Roanne bar. In Sara's scenario, if you refuse her help, she runs off to Lance.

Background Info: Ellen is originally from Pidona. She grew up with Julian and Thomas as friends. Since her sister, Sara, is always sick, Ellen takes care of her. She can sometimes be overprotective which Mr. Julian points out. Ellen knows for a fact that Mr. Julian likes her a lot. She states that their relationship is purely platonic. Ellen is healthy and strong willed. Nothing can change her mind once she sets on a job. She is also practical. Ellen was also asked to guard Monica. She is confused what to do--choose between being with Mr. Julian or taking care of Sara. But we all know what Ellen really wants. Haven't you noticed how curiously butch she is for a woman her age? I mean, c'mon, her first name is Ellen. =P She wants us to know.

Other Info: Ellen has weird town music IMO. Despite the fact that I absolutely cannot stand Ellen, she is a very good playable character. She has high HP and attack power. Ellen is a good axe user along with Black. She is also good at martial arts. The only bad thing is that she has low dexterity meaning she may miss a lot. Later in the game, her levels become outdated so get her early. I am not sure how she fares as a magic user. Though with her physical attacks, who needs magic?


Recruit at: Roanne Castle. If Julian is your main character, after the event in the cave, talk to Monica instead of talking to Mikhail. If you talk to Mikhail, Monica will disappear in a shipwreck. Note that Mikhail and Monica can't be in the party at the same time.

Background Info: Princess of Roanne and Mikhail's sweet, dedicated sister. As a person I like her. She lives up to the reputation of being kind. For instance, when her horse ran out of energy, she was very reluctant to leave it behind. Also when hearing of Godwyn's plot, she risked all to find her brother. Monica speaks very politely to everyone. She confides to Katalina as a friend. Being royalty, if she ever wants to escape the palace, a doppelganger needs to be in her place.

Other Info: As a playable character, Monica may seem weaker than other characters. She specializes in small swords. She has rather low HP and weak defense but she is more mobile than her brother. Monica is the equivalent of Sara with a rapier. I don't know how well she fares with magic seeing that her magic level is fairly low. She has high charm so she will be less affected by charm spells. Mikhail or Monica. Who do you like better?


Recruit at: Katalina CAN'T be recruited. The only way to play as her is to play her scenario. There is probably a way to get her that no one knows of.

Background Info: Katalina is Monica's maid in waiting and bodyguard. Monica places great trust in her. In return Katalina loyally stays by Monica's side. Their relationship is almost like family. After the defeat of Godwyn, all seemed peaceful until one night when Mikhail asked Katalina for the royal sword "Masquerade". Katalina hands it over....but 'tis a demon in disguise! Feeling responsible for the loss of "Masquerade", Katalina cuts her hair (renouncing her past) and sets off to find "Masquerade", promising to herself not to return to Roanne until she finds it.

Other Info: Katalina is a way cool character. Not only does she look cool, she is very fast and good with big swords. At first I thought she is an old maid until I saw her second clothes ^_^;; When she first joins, she'll get some fist ability too. AFAIK she can only be played as an NPC in Harid and Mikhail's intros. In there she uses a big sword. In her opening she only can use fist. She plays like the ultimate main character. That's good because she can only be played as a main character.