Main Characters

The Main Characters


The hero of the story, Aurthor was mysteriously sent back in time from the Future World. The Elder of Dharm has reared and nurtured him for the last 10 years. Arthur is skilled in combat, and courageous.


Sent back in time with his best friend Aurthor, Curtis has excellent attack Magic potential.


Gloria was sent back from the future with Aurthor and Curtis. Her powerful healing Magic allows the party to explore dangerous, unexplored areas with confidence.


The Edler's sole grandchild, Sharon, was raised with Aurthor, Curtis, and Gloria. She is strong-willed and has well-honed fighting skills.

The Supporting Characters


A powerful warrior, Myron grew up with Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Sharon. He's like the big brother Aurthor never had. Few Monsters are able to do any serious damage to him.


Lara was raised in the town of Elan in the Past World y the reclusive "Granny." Tragically, Lara has been brainwashed by a powerful Monster.


Raised as a youth by the Elder of Dharm, Dion grows to become a famous rebel leader to the Future World.


Faye is a young woman who was raised by the Elder of Dharm in the Present World. In the Future World, she will grow to become a respected warrior.


Borgin is the last person the join the part, but perhaps the most important. It is he who sent Arthur, Curtis and Gloria back in time from Viper, the embattled city of the Future World.

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