My Walkthrough

Humans are the soso characters.  They're pretty good at fighting and they have pretty good defense, but they can be annoying sometimes because you have to keep on buying them stronger weapons and armor.  Their status grows from gaining experience.

You *HAVE* to have at least one mutant in your party (two are even better!).  They're your typical RPG magic-users, with super strong magic abilities along with super weak strength and defense.  Their magic can either attack a group of monsters or all the monsters in the battle.  Like Humans, Mutants gain status by gaining experience.  They also randomly learn news spells, they don't always learn the spells you want.  At times you may have to buy them spells (especially Cure spells) to make up for inefficiency.  Another reason why you must have a mutant (or two) is because Goddess Venus (one of the bosses) can only be weakened by magic attacks.

Screw Humans!  Robots are the best characters when it comes to strength and defense.  They don't gain status like Humans and Mutants, you have to "install" their status.  Various status ailments slightly increase each time you equip them with any item.  For example, weapons increase strength and armor increases defense.  Also, you can equip as many as you want of the same type of item.  Its very easy to make Robots so high in defense that attacks don't cause them damage.  So like, since Gloves are the cheapest form of armor, you can equip like 5 of the same cheap Glove and already you'll have rock solid defense.  Unfortunately, Robots do have their weaknesses.  They're totally weak against magic and special attacks, such as Dissolve.  Also, Cure spells and curative items have no effect on Robots, but I do know a little trick...
*SuperTip* When a Robot has low HP, equip and unequip them with any armor over and over.  Their HP increases each time you do that.  The stronger the armors you're using, the faster their HP will reach maximum.
I don't like Monsters, they can be quite tricky to manage.  Whether they grow stronger or weaker depends on the type of meat you feed them.  Obviously, the best meat is of monster bosses, such as Ashura.  Monsters totally change their appearance and attacks each time you feed them.  They are useful at first since they can instantly grow to a decent level of strength/defense, but soon the non-Monster members of your battle party grow stronger.  Then your Monster(s) isn't strong enough to beat a boss or survive through a dungeon.
 1. Hometown
There are many challenging battles ahead.  Form a strong party and get as much help from the townspeople as you can.  One of them will offer a Potion and Mr. S, your teacher, will accompany you through the first cave.  Make good use of Mr. S's abilities because the first case may be quite challenging for you.
 2. The First World - Six Magi
When you leave the cave, Mr. S leaves you on your own.  In the town up North buy the needed supplies.  If you have any Robots then buy them a lot of the cheapest armor.  Go West to the Shrine of Isis and talk to Ki.  She will tell you where some Magi might be.  Follow her instruction to find a hidden structure within a forest.  Towards the end, you'll see that Ashura's minions have beat you to the Magi.  Exit and go to the Shrine of Isis to see Ki, talk to her and she will join you.  Go North past the town and then East to Ashura's base.  Take advantage of Ki's Lightning spell while going through the base!  In the end you will encounter an easy monster.  When you defeat him, Ashura's base falls to the ground.  Go into the Pillar in the Sky.  Ki leaves your battle party soon after you enter.
 3. Ashura's World - Seven Magi
Ashura is attempting to collect the Magi for his own sinister purposes (such suspense!).  Track him down in his tower and put an end to his evil reign.  In the desert town, you'll get a clue regarding the whereabouts of Ashura's Tower.  Be careful in the town because you'll encounter random battles.  After stocking up on supplies, go South.  Be careful not to fall into sand storms!  They will toss you around and slam you with several random battles.  If you are using Game Boy Color/Advance or Game Boy emulation, then the crystal clear quality of your screen will allow you to easily make out where the storm areas are.  Ashura's town will eventually come into view.  There's a small town North of the tower, do some town errands in there if you'd like.  Enter the tower.  You will eventually stumble upon a masked man.  Once this man gains his weapons & armor, he'll be quite a valuable asset in your battle against Ashura.
 4. Giant's World - Three Magi
The Giant's World is where the Adventurer's Log, which comes with the game, leaves you to explore on your own. The inhabitants of this world were once huge creatures until they created a reducing device called the Micron. If you can find the Micron, you'll be able to return to the First World, shrink to microscopic size and defeat the soldiers of Ashura that have invaded Ki's body. This valuable device, and some Magi, are hidden in the Giant's deserted town. There are two towns in this world: the little town and the Giant's Town. The people of the little town may be former giants, though they will not confess to being so. Explore the town and search for clues regarding the Micron. The shop in the town sells the armor and gauntlets that were once worn by the giants and have now been shrunk to a more reasonable size. Make sure that you go through the back entrance to the shop so that you can learn special clues about the Giant's Town. A character in the town named Johnny will clue you in on the whereabouts of a secret door. The Giant's Town is very large and infested with strong enemies. If you've talked to everyone, you should have no problems in finding the Micron and the Magi. The steps in the Giant's Town are too big to climb. The inhabitants of the little will tell you about a weak spot in the lowest step, though, that will give way and allow you access to the top. Walk through the small entrance of the Southern building and you'll find two powerful Magi. Once you have them, you'll be able to enter the building to the north and get to the Micron. Once you have collected the Magi of the Giant's Town, you will be able to enter the Northern building. If you're nice to Johnny, he'll tell you that you can climb the bookcase in the upper-right corner to the top of the platform. There, you will discover the Micron. Ki needs your help. Collect the Micron and hurry back to the Shrine of Isis so that you can defeat Ashura's soldiers.
 5. Ki's Body - Seven Magi
The only way that you can heal the healer is to shrink down with the Micron and explore her body for invading creatures. Collect the Magi that are hidden in her hands, feet, heart, and stomach. Then you'll be able to enter her brain, defeat Ashura's creatures and collect the last Magi. This part of the game is pretty tough. You may have to leave her body, go to the nearest Inn to heal your party, and come back to Ki. If your party is at a low level then expect to take about 3 trips to the Inn. If you have a robot or two in your party then beware, the slime monsters in Ki's body use the Dissolve attack which Robots are weak against.
 6. Apollo's World - 10 Magi
Apollo resides in a great palace close to the pillar. Go to him and he will give you a riddle that will help you find the Magi that are scattered throughout his world. Apollo claims that he is not interested in the Magi. You'll find out later that he is lying. Apollo will greet you as his palace and give you a riddle about the hidden Magi. In the town before the Northern mountains, you'll find out that a girl from the mountain town is lost in the cave. Enter the cave of Dunatis and search for the lost girl of the mountain town. The people of the Southern town will let you know how to enter the water. To enter the water, just walk past the town into the water. Neptune's cave is a volcano where, as the riddle says, flames burn underwater. Make sure you bring a lot of potions cause the lave in the volcano weakens you as your walk over it. But don't worry too much about it, there are two "X" spots in the cave the fully recover your party's hit points. Once you have collected the True Eye from Neptune's cave, you'll be able to enter the cave of Brightness.
 7. Guardian Base - Four Magi
The Guardian base is hidden below the town. You'll find out in the Pub that the only way to get into the base is by playing the right tune on the jukebox. The guardians are heroes so you obviously choose the Heroic tune. While in the base you discover that your father is the leader of the Guardians.
 8. Monster World - Two Magi
Once you get into the Guardian base, Monsters will attack and kidnap Lynn, the girl that you saved in the Cave of Dunatis. Follow the monsters to their land and fight them for their stolen Magi. While on the way there, take advantage of the shops that you pass by. Hold down left or right to stumble onto their doorstep while flying to the Monster World's entrance. Once in the world you will quickly find Lynn and your dad ends up being killed--or does he.
 9. Venus's World - 17 Magi
The goddess Venus allows only beautiful things in her city. Everything else has been cast away. Solve a mystery in her world and you will earn many mystical Magi. Talk to the citizens, buy items in the stores and uncover the secrets of this strange and beautiful metropolis. You'll find that Venus's city has many beautiful items. Talk to Venus so you can leave her city. Before you go make sure you talk to that girl to the left of Venus's place. The outcasts of Venus's city live in their own town. There, you will find a man who is engaged to a woman from Venus's city. Now go explore the sewers to uncover the mysteries of the city. The entrance to the sewers is outside in the back of Venus's city. In the sewers, step into every room. The first room has a monster that you gain a key from when you defeat it. Be careful in the next rooms, 3 out of the 4 chests in them have monsters. You will end up in Venus's place at the end of the sewers. The Seismic Zone (which is located on the North Western part of this world) is a strange, earthquake ridden section of the world. When you talk to the woman engaged to the outcasted man, an earthquake will occur and a volcano will appear in the Seismic Zone. Go there are get the Magi in the end of it. But when you reach for the Strength Magi that engaged guy comes and takes it. Now go to Venus's city and attend the wedding. That guy comes with the Strength Magi and tries to defeat Venus. Then you step in and save everything. Venus is strong against all physical attacks, only magic attacks can hurt her.
 10. Dragon World - Four Magi
The people of this world are very big fans of dragon racing. Join in on the races and you will find the Magi on the dragon racing track. Apollo makes an appearance in this world but all he does is say a few lines. There are four dragons for you to choose from. The best choice would be to rent the fastest dragon. There won't be any random battles on the race track if you are riding the fastest dragon. But if you choose the slowest dragon (the one for free) then you're gonna be on the race track a long time.
 11. Shogun's World - Four Magi
You'll have to play detective and uncover a banana smuggling ring in this world. Yup you heard me, BANANA smuggling! The programmers of this game must've run out of ideas at this point. Anyway, the Shogun is a very strong opponent. The Shogun's world has a "capital" city (the one next to Shogun's castle), a small city, a courthouse, and a seaport. First, go to the capital and go to the bridge there. Fight the men there (I don't remember what they were called). Hana comes. Go to the other village and into Hana's house. Talk to her. Go back to the city and talk to the clerk in the big shop. Go to the harbor and onto the ship. Go to the court. Go to Hana's house and go back to the capital. Next go behind the counter of the big shop. But make sure you're happy with what you bought from that guy because he sells some really strong weapons, armor, and items. Once you talk to him behind the counter then he's gone. If you want to have an advantage at fighting Odin in the 13th world or if you want to go through the dungeon in the next world then you should buy some of those good yet expensive things from that guy. Once the clerk leaves then go past the counter and get ready for some action. The first door you see when you go left leads into room with three people who will fight you when you talk to them. The second door shows Shogun talking to the clerk and you have to fight the clerk. Go to Shogun's Castle and go to the top floor. After going through the whole routine then you're going to have to end up going through the Shogun's castle. Make sure to bring some supplies because the Shogun's castle is pretty long. In the middle of it, you may have to run from the rest of the battles to stay alive enough to fight Shogun. In the end, first you fight Shogun's very weak son. Then Shogun comes and makes you fight him on his roof.
 12. Dungeon World - One Magi
You don't have to worry about doing anything in this world. The only Magi in it is in the beginning of the "Nasty Dungeon". So just take it and go to the next world. If you do decide to go through the "Nasty Dungeon" then you should have about 5 tents in your inventory and have a couple Cure book spells for your Mutant(s) because this dungeon is the LONGEST place in the whole game. I would say that it's about 3 or 5 times bigger than Shogun's castle. But don't get that discouraged by its length because this dungeon also has the most valuable and strongest items within it such as the Gungnir (what Odin also uses). The farther you get into the dungeon the more better the items you find and the stronger the monsters you encounter (especially those wizards). But that's also another disadvantage, there are TOO many good items in the dungeon. Your inventory can only hold so much. You have two choices when your inventory is full: leave the dungeon, sell the items, and come back or just throw away the least valuable ones.
 13. Odin's World - Eight Magi
If your party has been defeated before, you'll be acquainted with the powerful Odin. Now when you go through his temple to him he'll want to battle. Fighting Odin can be tough, your first objective when fighting him is to knock out his monster aids next to him. Magic doesn't do much harm to Odin, just have your Mutant(s) act as healers. You'll need them cause Odin uses some really strong attacks. When Odin is defeated he coughs up a really useful Magi that makes its bearer strong against all types of magic. Since all your Magi will be taken away in the next world it would be a good idea to go through the "Nasty Dungeon" with Odin's Magi.
 14. Final World - Two Magi
Be prepared before you enter this world because Apollo comes and takes all your Magi away from you. Don't worry, you won't have to fight him yet but he'll leave behind a couple strong monsters for you to battle. In this world your dad ends up joining with you. You're going to need his help when you go into the Final World's dungeon. The monster in that dungeon (especially the dragons and wizards) are strong. After the first couple rooms you may want to use the run feature for the rest of your battle encounters.
 15. Celestial Temple and Center of the World
Now would be a REALLY good time to go through the "Nasty Dungeon" if you haven't yet. Apollo is easy to battle with once you are equipped with some of the "Nasty Dungeon's great weapons and armor. Just make sure that your party's hit points are restored when Apollo starts melting during battle because he casts a powerful Flare spell. When you defeat Apollo the goddess Isis appears when all the Magi is combined. She will join you and help you go to the Center of the World. Before you go make sure you have a couple Wants and Tents. The Wands are a MUST, without them you won't be able to beat the game. The way to the Center of the World is kind of long. It would be a good idea to buy two Flare book spells for your Mutant(s). One for the battles to the Center of the World and one when you fight the last battle.
The last battle is against two security systems. Luckily you only have to fight one since Isis fights the other. There are three battle stages that you go through when fighting the security system (stages are separated by different battle music). In the first stage be completely offensive, don't worry about recovering hit points yet so just keep on fighting. The more you fight the security system, the weaker his first stage's attacks get. In the second stage he attacks with a not so strong "Smasher" attack. Now is the time to have your Mutant use the Wand in EVERY turn. It is important to keep on using the Wand because when the security system goes into his third battle stage he "launches smasher" which attacks the whole party with a powerful blow. Don't forget to have your Mutant using Wand in every round.  You enter the third stage unexpectedly so if any member has low HP then they will immediately die from the launched smasher.
 The Ending
Isis can do her job now that the security system is defeated. After talking to her go to the left and up the path. At this point the game takes control of you and the ending scene goes on. You meet up with dad and then you meet up with all the important people that played a role in the game. At the end's end your dad leaves out the window again. This time you insist on coming with him--and the your mom comes and insists on coming too. The three of you leave and then the words "The End" comes on the screen with two Pillars of the Sky next to it (a picture of it is the title on the main page of this web site). It took out "The End" and put the Final Fantasy Legend 2 logo there.
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