Fan Fics

"Dad tries to go off again"

It's late at night. Dad decides to secretly go out the window again. His son, Robo, wakes up from the noise.

Robo: "Dad! You're leaving out the window again?!"

Dad: "No I'm not, I -- I'm stretching. Yeah, that's it! I'm stretching" does some stretching exercises

Robo: gives him a look "Sure you are. You can't leave yet! You still haven't told me how me, a robot, ended up as your son"

Dad: looks worried "Umm... do I have to tell you now?"

Robo: says with anger "YES"

Dad: "Well ok, it involves me and a--"

Isis: appears out of nowhere in front of the two "STOP! This fan fic is G-rated!"

Robo: "Oh my God! It's the goddess Isis!"

Isis: walks toward Dad "How dare you attempt to say such nonsense"

Dad: takes a step back "But he asked me" points at Robo

Isis: "No buts!" gives Dad a mean look

Robo: confused "Umm.. Isis, aren't you supposed to be broken down into several Magi now?"

Isis: whispers to Robo "Sshhh, don't tell anyone"

Dad: gasps in shock "But what if the world gets messed up again?"

Isis: complains "Can't a goddess have a little fun before her thousand year nap??"

Mr. S: steps into the room "Is that the goddess Isis I hear?" walks to her

Isis: with a disgusted expression "Eww! What is that thing"

Robo and Dad: confused "Mr. S? What are you doing here?"

Mr. S: gets close to Isis "I love you Isis! I have had a crush on you ever since I was a young larva"

Isis: still with a disgusted expression "Get away from me!"

Robo: shocked "Mr. S! I've never seen this side of you before"

Dad: angry and confused "This is your school teacher?! What kind of things does he teach you in school?? Nevermind! I don't want to know"

Isis: "I don't like the direction this fan fic is going"

Mr. S: blows kisses to Isis

Isis: "EEK!" takes a big step back "Will you please go away!"

Mr. S: lowers his head in sorrow "You don't love me?" a tear goes down his cheek "Fine, I'll go..." suddenly blows a fart

Robo, Dad, and Isis: very disgusted "EWWW!!!" all rush to the opposite side of the room

Mr. S: embarrassed "Oops, sorry. I usually get gassy when I'm emotional"

Robo: shocked and disgusted "Oh my God! I can see it!!"

Mr. S: "Of coarse you can see it, all monster's farts are visible"

Dad and Isis: faces turn green from looking at it

Dad: "Step away! I'm gonna toss it!"

Isis: gets dizzy "Me too..."

Dad and Isis: leave the room and race to the bathroom

Robo: "Hehe, I don't have to join them, good thing robots don't have a digestive system"

Mr. S: sighs

Robo: "...I'm sorry your life-long crush rejected you Mr. S"

Mr. S: sighs again "Oh well, there are other fish in the sea" expression suddenly gets serious "By the way, have you done tonight's homework??"

Robo: plays dumb "Uhh... uhh... I think I'm gonna toss it too!" runs out the room to the bathroom

Mr. S: "Hmph! Robotic children these days... what's the world coming to?!" leaves

A long while passes...

Robo: comes back in "Good he's gone"

Mr. S: appears out of thin air "Well, have you??"

Robo: startled "Ahh! Leave me alone!" runs out the room

Mr. S: runs out the room after him "I want an answer young man!"


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